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Joystick Flic Flac, classic control, magenta-white

Symbol of Lovestyle

Art. No. 15482
  • Made in Germany
  • handmade design
  • dermatologically + clinically tested
  • free of plasticizers
  • made of medical grade silicone
  • 5 year material guarantee
  • powered with standard batteries
  • splashproofed

Clear the stage for this erotic artiste: with its cheeky, fresh design, the “Flic Flac” Joystick truly grabs the attention. His ergonomically rounded head perfectly matches the natural curves of the female body. With playful ease, he finds out every erogenous zone, and will never cease to thrill and surprise you anew.

classic control: Gentle to strong vibrations, infinately variable, splashproofed with the classic Joystick®-knob.

Supple, medical-grade silicone and a reliable motor provide technical finesse.

Ø 4,2 cm
Länge: 17,8 cm


39.00 €


medical silicone

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