Joystick Mr. BIG intense, red

For an intense pleasure!

Art. No. 24803
  • semi-realistic design and XL size – for intense experiences
  • Made in Germany
  • made of medical grade silicone
  • absolutely non-hazardous – FREE from plasticisers/phthalates
  • odourless material
  • various vibration modes – from gentle to intensive
  • quiet and with powerful vibrations
  • waterproof
  • dermatologically + clinically tested
  • 5 year material guarantee
  • tested to highest German safety standards (TÜV)
  • powered with standard batteries

Perfectly natural!

"Joystick Mr. Big" is the perfect partner to nurture you hidden appetites! Abandon yourself to this love master of realistic design and pleasing curves: a tantalizing, real-life experience. It is odourless and FREE of softening agents.

The „Joystick“ rests comfortably in your hand, and will indulge your nether regions with its silky-soft surface made of skin-friendly silicone. In various vibration modes, ranging from gentle to intensive, it will masterfully indulge you, leading you to every secret peak of desire. You alone determine the intensity – even under water!

ø 4.6 cm, length: 18.4 cm


46.20 €


medical silicone

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Silicones are the love toy materials of the future, because in principle they only have advantages and are superior to most other toy materials in many respects: Silicones are largely produced synthetically from natural raw materials and are therefore regarded as natural products.

In addition, silicones are physiologically very well tolerated (i.e. not harmful to health), non-toxic and food-safe, which is why they are also used for skin protection, cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery, as well as for baking moulds or in dentistry.

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