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Joystick Mr. Mister, nature

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Art. No. 17561
  • Made in Germany
  • ergonomic handle with suction cup
  • soft‘n‘strong Technology – strong inside, soft outside 
  • perfect for StrapOn
  • made of Silikomed® – suitable with all lubricants
  • odourless and FREE of softening agents
  • dermatologically tested

Natural, aesthetic form – for sensual and intimate moments! The aesthetically pleasing shape of the „Joystick Mr. Mister“ gets you in the mood!

Its ergonomic handle with suction cup and its natural structure will make your heart beat faster. It contains no softening agents and is odourless. The „Joystick Mr. Mister“ rests comfortably in your hand, and will indulge your nether regions with its silky soft surface made of skin-friendly, medical Silikomed®. Its soft’n’strong technology means that it is strong on the inside and soft on the outside. It indulges each of your secret pleasure points and and is ideal in combination with a strap-on.

ø 4.0 cm
Lenght: 18.0 cm


29.90 €


Silikomed® (TPE)

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