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cosmopolitan - Soft-Tampons: Orgasms during your period? Treat yourself!

#supporther is a motto and a movement. We celebrate a female future in which women support each other. Sex during menstruation is a big taboo for many. But there are good reasons for orgasms! 

Women perceive their periods very differently. Many of them are plagued by PMS symptoms before they even start. They feel physically and mentally uncomfortable and then stock up on chocolate and other snacks to get through the days somehow. Others enjoy…

Health trends - How do Soft-Tampons work?

How do Soft Tampons work?

The pink sponges provide a high wearing comfort and unlimited fun.

They come once a month, last on average four to five days and usually cause pain - the "days". The majority of girls and women feel uncomfortable and suffer from PMS in the week before they start menstruating.

Once the bleeding has finally stopped, many women feel restricted and uncomfortable in their leisure activities. Soft tampons are said to help…

Familie.de - Soft Tampons: How to use them

With discreet tampons without a return string, women should feel freer and more comfortable during their periods. How soft tampons work and which activities supposedly make them more comfortable.

Whether swimming, having sex or going to the sauna, some women simply feel restricted and uncomfortable with certain activities during their periods. This is a great pity, after all, some women experience a higher energy level and increased desire,…

Sex during menstruation

No problem at all with this tampon
Some girls feel a higher level of lust during their period, others just crave their hot water bottle. 

Even if you don't lack desire, does the thought of hygiene and bloody sheets keep you from having sex during your period? In any case, it is important that you as a couple talk openly about it.

Sex during your period? Sure!

Wenn deine Periode stark ist und du dich nicht fit fühlst, ist es klar, dass du keine…

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