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Sex with oil: With these tips from the expert it gets even better

Our sex expert Mimi Erhardt thinks that oil can make everything better during sex - if you know how to use it. Here are her most important tips for you

Normally, in this column I try to bring you closer to the world of sex from a female perspective. What particularly excites women, how to lick properly and what you should rather not do. But today I would like to recommend something to you that - I hope - simply turns you on. Or in general all…

AQUAglide - The multifunctional lubricant

For many people lubricants are an indispensable part of their love life. Lubricants make it easier to insert the male member into the vagina or buttocks and thus prevent pain or injury during sex.

But there are sometimes considerable differences between the various products on the market. Lubricant has proven its worth over the last ten years and is therefore very popular with men and women alike.

AQUAglide, which is produced by the company…

Vegan lubricants and condoms: products to love

How does green sex and green contraception work? We're not talking about outdoor sex... but vegan gels, organic lubricants and condoms made organically and without animal testing. For the desire for love - without a guilty conscience!

Sex and contraception without a guilty conscience? These vegan gels, organic lubricants and condoms produced organically and animal-tested make you want to love - without a guilty conscience!

100% vegan…

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