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EROpharm - Sexual devices from JOYDIVISION celebrate 20th anniversary

EROpharm is the name of the line from JOYDIVISION international AG that has been getting tired lovers back on their feet since 2002. The EROpharm line is known for high-quality over-the-counter sexual preparations. Special love creams, performance spray and the sex energiser Generation 50+ products give new power.

Many pleasure seekers know that when the mind is willing, the flesh won't play along. Just when the lovers have made themselves…

BIOglide has been the only CO2-free lubricant for years

Love for the environment

Making love with BIOglide means making a small contribution to climate protection, because conscious consumer culture can also be lived in the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. JOYDIVISION international AG from Hanover therefore consciously focuses on climate-friendly production in Germany.

Sustainable action and voluntary commitment to climate protection cannot always be taken for granted! For JOYDIVISION…

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The warming top seller WARMup - available in "Mint" with 3D design

The warming massage liquid WARMup from JOYDIVISION is available in "Mint". The great demand for the previous varieties of WARMup has prompted JOYDIVISION international AG to develop a new creation. JOYDIVISION is proud to present this successful new flavour in a modern design.

Thanks to the quality of the food-grade flavours, the nibbles seduce and indulge the taste buds - and are completely calorie-free! The exquisite food ingredients provide…

Top quality confirmed with "very good"

Original Soft Tampons are comparison winners


Original Soft-Tampons were awarded the best rating by the test portal vergleich.org. The threadless Original came out on top in the Soft-Tampons Test 2021.

Oliver Redschlag, CEO of JOYDIVISION international AG, is delighted and reports: "For more than 25 years, our company has distinguished itself by, among other things, optimising the Soft-Tampon brand based on the needs, attitudes and wishes of…

Love for the environment with JOYDIVISION

JOYDIVISION takes part in the Glasgow-CO2mmitment

JOYDIVISION international AG from Hanover is now making business travel more climate-friendly. Making love with JOYDIVISION has long meant making a contribution to climate protection, but from now on JOYDIVISION will also become a climate protector with every business trip.

Sustainable action and voluntary commitment to climate protection are not always a matter of course! For JOYDIVISION it…

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