All-rounder for gentle shaving in the genital area

It can be so delicate between your legs!

Smooth, well-groomed, soft and even. So the ideal of an intimate zone. But you shave what you can! Unfortunately, the result is often marked by unsightly shaving burn and reddened skin.

There must be something with which man and woman explain the intimate zone to a cuddly soft zone! Annoying pimples and itching after shaving do not have to be.


Tip 1 - The right Shave Cream

The shave should be freed from bacteria and germs using a suitable antibacterial intimate shaving cream. Ideally, a suitable lotion should be applied during a warm shower to open pores and soften hair for intimate shaving. AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream does all this. The mild combination product for the intimate area optimizes the natural intimate flora and protects against penetrating bacteria.


Tip 2 - No products with perfume

Please do not touch perfumed shower gels and shampoos. These only damage the sensitive vaginal environment and can even lead to odour formation by causing a weakened protective function and in the worst case lead to a fungal infection or vaginal dryness. The AQUAglide Intim Shaving & Aftershave Cream with its odour-neutralising active ingredient also helps here. Odour overtoners in the form of artificial fragrances are not even needed. The super active ingredient hyaluron in the AQUAglide Allround product then even provides additional moisture.


Tip 3 - Sharp razor blades

At this point, the Allround product cannot help, but it is important to note that clean and sharp razor blades are used. Please clean them under warm water in between. And please shave with the stroke! Otherwise there is the danger of shaving the hair too short, which can result in the hair follicles growing in and this will be very unpleasant.

JOYDIVISION AQUAglide Intim-Rasier- & Aftershave-Creme

Tip 4 - Quenching after shaving

After shaving, the batches briefly quench with cold water, so close the pores and bacteria can not penetrate. Then the AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream comes into play again, because even after shaving it cares for and pampers the maltreated skin.


Tip 5 – Aftershave

You should avoid common creams and oils afterwards, because they can clog the pores. The AQUAglide Intimate Shaving & Aftershave Cream contains special ingredients that provide optimum care even after shaving.

Unfortunately, every shave is a skin irritation even after all tips have been followed. We recommend not to wear too tight clothes after shaving. If the procedure is followed well, your intimate zone may be the softest you have ever felt.

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