How to use Soft-Tampons? A step-by-step guide

Instructions for the correct use of Soft-Tampons.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before inserting a Soft-Tampon.

  2. Remove the Soft-Tampon from its packaging. Please recycle the blister packaging.

  3. Squeeze the side of the Soft-Tampon to compress its shape and make it easier to insert. For easier insertion, you can also moisten the Soft-Tampon with lubricant or water. We recommend the lubricant AQUAglide.

  4. Find a comfortable position to insert the Soft-Tampon. You can do this standing up with your knees slightly bent, sitting on the toilet or lying down with your legs slightly bent.

  5. Insert the Soft-Tampon slowly and carefully into the vagina. Make sure that it is inserted far enough so that it cannot be felt. If you have long fingernails, be particularly careful to avoid injury.

  6. To remove the Soft-Tampon, adopt the optimum position for removal: preferably with your legs apart in a squatting position. Press a little to push the tampon out. This works best when it has become soaked. Grasp the grip tab with one finger and pull the tampon out.

If the Soft-Tampon is not so easy to remove:

  1. Squat down and push hard, just like when having a bowel movement! This should cause the sponge to gradually slide down into the vagina so that you can grasp it with your fingers and pull it out again. Simply leave the tampon in the vagina for a little longer (but please only for a maximum of 8 hours) so that it can soak in properly. After all, it is easiest to remove when it is fully absorbed. A relaxing bath or vaginal shower also works wonders here and usually leads to the hoped-for success.

  2. Wash your hands thoroughly again after removing the Soft-Tampon.

Make sure to change the Soft-Tampon every 4-8 hours to minimize the risk of infection. Avoid wearing Soft-Tampon overnight or for long periods of time. If you have difficulty inserting or removing the Soft-Tampon, speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional.