Love for the environment with BIOglide!

Since the middle of the 20th century, the global increase in carbon dioxide has more than tripled. The increase in CO2 particles means that less and less of the heat emitted by the earth can escape into space. The consequences: The Earth's climate is warming, the polar caps and glaciers are melting and the water level of the oceans is rising.

Loving the lube BIOglide means making a small contribution to climate protection, because you can also live a conscious consumer culture in the most beautiful triviality of the world.

Sustainable action and voluntary commitment in the field of climate protection are not always a matter of course! This is true for JOYDIVISION! BIOglide gives nature back a piece of living space! Unfortunately, CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided during the production of the natural lubricant, but the released carbon dioxide emission is however compensated by the high-quality CO2 climate protection project ''Pacajai REDD'' in Brasil. Unavoidable CO2 emissions for production and transport are offset by the climate protection project. Village communities renature severely degraded forests there and contribute to the long-term regeneration of the ecosystem in the region. The reforestation of mixed forests, cocoa cultivation and sustainable timber production ensures the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of the forest ecosystem. Jobs are also being created in the poor country.

The highest standards apply to love as well as to organic products. The natural and vegan BIOglide offers you gentle support for vaginal moisture and relieves intimate complaints. Nothing stands in the way of a carefree and naturally supported sexuality. Also the independent evaluations of external institutions such as Öko-Test prove this. The very good skin compatibility of BIOglide was confirmed in a clinical application test by Dermatest GmbH.


What else can you do to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you emit into the atmosphere?

Blowjobs are still allowed and the most environmentally friendly in the dark! In any case it is important to save as much energy as possible. Do not leave electrical appliances on standby, LED lamps instead of light bulbs, washing machine full instead of almost empty, etc.

When it comes to food, it is better to eat fresh than processed and as few animal products as possible! Is also much healthier!

And very important, to move as much as possible by foot and bicycle. It is said that exercising also has a good effect on sex and you have killed two birds with one stone! Apropos - Flying with the airplane should remain something very special and should be replaced if possible also by train journeys.

Conclusion: Even if you think now: all fun is taken! No! You can have sex with BIOglide lubricant all day long! In this sense "love environmentally friendly"!

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