Which lubricant? The ultimate guide!

The offer is huge and no wonder that you are faced with the question "which lubricant" should I please buy now, or do I perhaps even need more than just "one" lubricant?

First of all we would like to summarize the following differences - which lubricant has which characteristics:

Water-based lubricant:

As the name suggests, these gels are largely made of water, which has the advantage that they leave no stains and are also easy to wash off. You have to replenish it from time to time ... because of the evaporation. But water-based lubricants are not the most popular for nothing. In application and price they are unbeatable for normal household use.
It is advisable to fall back on products that have been on the market for years and have already convinced many lovers, such as AQUAglide or the BIOglide organic version.

Silicone based sliding fluid:

The main component is silicone, which does not penetrate the skin and thus offers the advantage of a long sliding ability, but cannot be removed easily afterwards. In the shower you can also have sex with silicone lubricant without washing it off immediately. Silicone lubricants are more expensive than water-based lubricants.

Tip out of the ordinary: If you tend to blister when walking barefoot, you can apply some silicone lubricant to your feet and it won't rub! SLICK'N'SLIDE by JOYDIVISION is the best service.

Hybrid sliding products:

The combination products of water and silicone combine the advantages of both lubricants and are perhaps also something for those who cannot decide.
In principle, "one" product for everything and, like us, also exciting for beginners.

Oil-based lubricants:

This type of lubricant is not very common anymore and that's a good thing, because oil-based creams are not the best choice when it comes to which lubricant to choose. Firstly, they destroy the structure of condoms, secondly, they leave only hard-to-remove stains and thirdly, the oily skin feeling is not everyone's cup of tea.


Which lubricant is recommended for:

Massage and sex: This is where sliding fluids come in, which are absorbed very slowly, spread well on the skin and do not cause an unpleasant feeling on the skin afterwards. The product that combines gliding and massaging, AQUAglide 2in1, has proven itself in the user test.

Oral sex: A water-based lubricant with food-grade taste is the best choice here. The most popular variant is strawberry. The natural taste unfolds particularly well with BIOglide Strawberry and makes the love play an aromatic explosion.

Sex in the water: The SLICK'N'SLIDE silicone sliding fluid definitely belongs in the bath bag. In the floods - not just the lust - the lubricant has to hold. Silicone-based lubricant does not wash off so easily and is therefore the product of choice.

Sex on the beach: Now it gets tricky! Because who wants to have sex with sandpaper? In any case, a water-based lubricant is important so that you can wash it off quickly afterwards. Who of course rubs his best piece with water-based lubricant and then puts it into the sand is to blame!

But please don't stick your head in the sand, because everyone should have enjoyed sex on the beach once.

Quickie: Our recommendation: clearly water-based lubricant, because usually after a Quickie you are quickly back in your clothes and then it is simply the most pleasant choice.

Sex with toys: Whether vibrator, dildo, love balls or anal plug the use of lubricant is simply more fun. Silicone-based lubricant can attack the silicone surface and it would be a pity for your beautiful toy. Also here we can only urge you to use a water-based lubricant.

Safer Sex: Already mentioned, there are lubricants that can attack the material of condoms. JOYDIVISION lubricants are tested to confirm their safety with condoms. This is indicated by the note "latex condom compatible" on the tubes or bottles.

Masturbation: Here everyone has to find his own preferences. But one thing is certain: masturbation with lubricating gel is simply more intense. You have to test it!

Which lubricant for anal sex?


First of all, anal sex without lubricant hurts! If you are new to the subject, it is extremely important to buy a suitable lubricant in advance! There are special water-based lubricants which have been developed for anal use and here, too, the compatibility with condoms has been carefully considered. AQUAglide anal, for example, has been a popular bestseller for popo lovers for many years. Silicone-based gliding fluids are of course a tried and tested remedy, which can be chosen according to preferences.

Which lubricant for desire to have children?  


Again and again the question arises whether lubricants can be a hindrance to the desire to have children? Unfortunately, there are currently hardly any studies that have investigated the influence of a lubricant on the sperm in the desire to have children. It is possible that the mobility of the sperm is slightly influenced.

The pH value of the vagina in the acidic range is approx. pH value: 4 to 5. Water-based lubricants are adjusted to this range in order to have as neutral an effect as possible on the vaginal flora. During ovulation, however, the pH changes to a sperm-friendly range of pH: 7 to 7.8.

In healthy couples, a lubricant gel with a pH value in the acidic range has only a slight effect on sperm motility, as the amount used is usually only about 3 ml and a large part of it is distributed on the outer genitals.

With a natural lubricant such as BIOglide without chemical additives, you use a natural alternative without synthetic dyes, flavors and preservatives, which should not stop the industrious healthy sperm.


But as with all medical topics, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor.

We hope that we have made the decision a little easier for you! But no matter how you decide, it is important to love yourself relaxed.

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