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Loveballs against incontinence

The pelvic floor muscles do great things, but in old age and even after pregnancy, they may be exhausted. The consequences are unpleasant and very…

Loveballs during sex = more orgasms?

Only one third of women in Germany always or almost always reach orgasm during sex. It's a pity, but even more surprising, that according to a study…

Which lubricant? The ultimate guide!

The offer is huge and no wonder that you are faced with the question "which lubricant" should I please buy now, or do I perhaps even need more than…

Vaginal bleaching: trend or psychological strain?

In search of the perfect body, you sometimes end up in the remotest places. Were topics like anal bleaching, penis bleaching, nipple bleaching…

Help! Help! My love balls are slipping out!

Anything that doesn't fit will now be made to fit.

The first step has been taken! You want to do something for your pelvic floor! But what to do now?…

All-rounder for gentle shaving in the genital area

It can be so delicate between your legs!

Smooth, well-groomed, soft and even. So the ideal of an intimate zone. But you shave what you can!…

The clitoris loves lubricant

The clitoris is one of the most erogenous zones of the body with its approximately 8,000 nerve endings that meet there. For comparison: In the glans…

Using lubricants correctly

Did you know that massage oils, lubricants or even some silicone lubricants can destroy condoms or sex toys? We'll explain the 5 Golden Lubricant…

Do condoms offer protection against HPV infections?

ATTENTION: Only 50% of condoms protect against HPV infections!
But there is a lubricant that can withstand the viruses - BIOglide safe

The widespread…

12 No Gos when using condoms
And what role do lubes play in this?

Just pull over the banana!? Unfortunately it is not so easy! Condoms are one of the most widespread…

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