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Vibrator for beginners – this is how you find it!

The range of vibrators is getting larger and more confusing every day. The more difficult it is for beginners to find the right toy.

We would like to give tips on what to look out for so that you are not disappointed afterwards. Of course, the needs vary from woman to woman. But if you answer a few questions in advance, it can be more satisfying in every way afterwards.


What is the fun worth to you?

You shouldn't be too frugal, very cheap vibrators are usually Chinese jelly goods. These things are not only harmful to your health, but also often break after the first use. In the lower price segment, however, there are already very good vibrators made of silicone or Silikomed (patented material of JOYDIVISION). Here you will find a good selection of vibrators at a very good price-performance ratio.


How important is health, haptics and smell to you?

A vibrator that smells strongly of chemicals when unpacked will make any desire fizzle out. We have already advised against the cheap jelly/rubber Asia products, but even supposed silicone from China can turn out to be a sticky cheap material with carcinogenic softeners. For this reason we recommend silicone products "Made in Germany". The Joysticks, for example, are inexpensive, skin-friendly all-round products in various sizes, designs and colours. Guaranteed neutral smell, pleasant haptics and various health tests make them the perfect vibrator for beginners.


Do you need knick-knacks?

A vibrator for beginners should be easy to use. Stupid if the first arousal is nipped in the bud by a complicated operation and wild squeezing on the vibrator. In principle, a constant vibration is sufficient, which can be varied in strength. Since the trend is towards a second vibrator anyway, we recommend a vibrator with little bells and whistles. Once you have acquired a taste for it, you can still get yourself a sophisticated technical high-end device. Maybe you don't like sex toys after the first test and then the expensive part is lying around in the drawer.


Where should it be used?

Of course all toys are suitable for bed, but maybe you want to take a shower or a bath with you, then you should make sure they are waterproof. If you only take a shower, then splash-proof can also be sufficient. If you want to test it on holiday, we can recommend a super travel toy: the Joystick micro-sets. Small and manoeuvrable with two exchangeable covers (double feeling) they fit well into any suitcase. The ideal sex toy for beginners!

Big or small?

Here too, the market offers everything your heart desires! Big Dick or Finger Stick, here you might have to orientate yourself on what you like in sex and in your fantasies. Do you prefer the big penis, do you love foreplay with your finger or should the clitoris be stimulated externally with a vibrator? Tip: the Joystick Velvet is easy to use for external stimulation, but the flexible silicone tip also reaches the inner pleasure points.


Do the external values also count?

Discreet, squiggly, inconspicuous or shrill: there are no limits to your taste. You can find designs in all variations in well-assorted specialist shops or online.
We recommend the stationary trade, because there you can touch many vibrators and examine them closely.

Questions over questions, but if you ask yourself these before buying, it will be easier to find the right vibrator for beginners. Once you have found it, we wish you indescribable experiences with your new toy.

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