Anal lubricant

For the anal pleasures of love

Glides towards the anal pleasures completely painlessly! With JOYDIVISION Anal Lubricant you will experience anal intercourse on a completely new level. The optimal gliding properties of the gel help the penis to penetrate the anus and catapult you into the seventh heaven of love. Because the gel itself is perfectly compatible with condoms, your health during anal sex is also taken care of. With Toys, the anal lubricant also brings you ecstatic fun!

- long-lasting glide for more fun - dermatologically & clinically tested - suitable for latex condoms - can be combined with toys

Anal lubricant guide

Why use lubricant for anal sex?

Without good preparation, nothing works in a way with anal intercourse. This is because, unlike vaginal intercourse, you cannot rely on a natural lubricant for anal pleasure to make penetration as easy as possible. Lubricant for anal sex is therefore an important requirement. Moreover, nature has not intended the anus to be used for the insertion of penis or anal chains. The mucous membrane in this sensitive area is particularly sensitive, so that injuries and small tears can easily occur during anal sex and anal stimulation.

What does lubricant do for anal intercourse?

Painless anal sex? With JOYDIVISION anal lube this facet of love is open to you. Without anal cream or gel, pain during anal intercourse is almost pre-programmed, with penis or toy, thanks to sufficient lubrication, painlessly slide into the anus. In this way the JOYDIVISION product increases your lust to immeasurable heights and you will be able to reach the climax with pleasure.

What is special about anal lubricant?

Anal lubes are designed directly for anal intercourse and help you penetrate the anus. They allow particularly long gliding, even without natural moisture. Therefore anal gel is usually more viscous than other agents. Because fun is not the only thing that counts when having intercourse, but you should always think about your health, you can use the gel together with condoms at best.

How useful is the anaesthetic effect of anal lubricants?

Some anal creams and gels even contain ingredients that have a local anaesthetic effect and are supposed to prevent pain. But with the right preparation, this is not necessary for either women or men. Better use a butt plug for pre-stretching. It not only prepares you perfectly for the anal pleasure, but brings you intense moments in advance.

What makes JOYDIVISION anal lubricant so special?

In principle you can use any lubricant for anal sex. So our standard personal lubes BIOglide and AQUAglide will also give you a lot of anal pleasure. We have developed JOYDIVISION anal lubricant directly for use during anal sex, so that it optimally meets the needs in this area. Therefore the gel has a very viscous consistency. This way it is easy to handle and does not run as fast. In order to maintain the gliding ability as long as possible, more glycerine is added to the anal gel than to other products.

JOYDIVISION anal lubricant also feels wonderfully pleasant on the skin and has been dermatologically and clinically tested. And as productive as it is, you'll experience many highlights with it!

Is lubricant anal compatible with condoms?

Caution is advised here! Silicone-based anal lubricants are not necessarily compatible with condoms, but can damage the material and thus impair your protection. There is no safety in anal oil. The oils attack the latex so that it can tear easily. You can use water-based lubricants even with latex condoms without any problems. JOYDIVISION Anal Lubricant is absolutely latex condom suitable and brings you safety and fun in one product.

What can you use anal lubricant for?

You can use the anal lubricants of JOYDIVISION in principle for everything that brings you joy during lovemaking. The gels not only make anal intercourse more beautiful, they also enrich your entire love life. If the vaginal intercourse comes to a standstill, you can also help with a lubricant anally and bring enough moisture into play. Also lovers of oral pleasures will get their money's worth with the JOYDIVSION product!

Can anal lubricant also be used for toys?

The anal lubricants make your toys just as slippery, so that they can be easily inserted into the anus and you can enjoy anal stimulation. For anal toys a little gliding support is almost a must. It helps you to get the necessary moisture and increases the pleasure immensely.

Is anal lubricant from JOYDIVISION suitable for silicone toys?

The JOYDISION water-based anal lubricant is even great for your silicone toys, so you can enjoy them for a long time. In contrast to silicon-based products, they do not attack the sensitive material. This means that there are no limits to your imagination when making love alone or in pairs! Men can try a prostate vibrator from JOYDIVISION and experience undreamt-of heights.

How much lubricant should I use?

It's impossible to give a general answer. Feel your way slowly towards the correct dose. For the beginning a hazelnut-sized amount is sufficient. If necessary, you can still re-grease. One thing is certain, anal lubricants from JOYDIVSION are extremely economical.

How should lubricants be stored?

Once you have opened the tube, lube gels like it dry and cool. Therefore the bedside drawer is the perfect place to store the gel. In it it lasts a long time and can give you long-lasting pleasure. Plus, you'll have it at hand for your anal adventures.