AQUAglide lubricant – for more variety and fun in love

the original for 20 years

waterbased & fat free

proven a million fold


latexcondom and
lovetoy compatible

medical device, pH-optimized

highly effective

Seduce yourselves and let yourselves be seduced: Discover pure seduction with AQUAglide and experience moments full of pulsating passion and endless hours of devotion and becoming one! Whether alone, with toys or together: With AQUAglide lubricant there are no limits to your imagination. The waterbased lubricant makes the love play even more beautiful and intense. Its excellent lubricating properties allow you to overcome intimate complaints and vaginal dryness and ensure long-lasting fun in the bedroom – or wherever else you indulge yourself.

11704 AQUAglide neutral 200 ml mood

Erotic is a wonderful thing, with AQUAglide it gets a new quality

The contact with the partner's body or with one's own is an intense joy that can be felt with every pore. AQUAglide lubricant catapults you into unexpected heights and the extra moisture kick lets you forget everything around you.

Would you like to dive down and enjoy and give your love life new energy? With AQUAglide you will experience sexuality in a new quality!

The many different varieties of love have never been so easy as with AQUAglide. The gel moistens, cares and gently stimulates the sensitive genital area. JOYDIVISION has developed AQUAglide with the aim of bringing the product closer to natural vaginal moisture than most other lubricants. This gives you hours of pleasure despite vaginal dryness and the gel also eases intimate complaints.

AQUAglide is a waterbased medical lubricant that increases the lubricity during love play. The compatibility of the medical product has been dermatologically and clinically tested. Its pH value is optimally adjusted to the sensitive genital area. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients, the medical product is also suitable for long-term use.

Glide into the sea of passion with AQUAglide

Only a few drops of AQUAglide lubricant are enough to take you into unimagined spheres.The medical, crystal clear gel provides a long-lasting, optimal moisture level during the extensive love play. The lubricant can also be enjoyed – with or without taste – for oral intercourse.

AQUAglide by JOYDIVISION stands for highest quality and has proven itself millions of times. For more than 20 years, millions of satisfied customers have relied on the first-class quality of JOYDIVISION products. The gel is 100% "Made with Love in Germany", crystal clear and highly productive. As a dermatologically and clinically tested medical product, AQUAglide is suitable for use with latexcondoms and can be used for all varieties that let you slide into the sea of passion.

AQUAglide family

Your No. 1 – a millionfold proven

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that only very few lubricants are suitable for use with condoms? When using with latex condoms it depends on the type of gel if you don't want to risk damaging the latex.

Always use a lubricant specially developed for use with condoms, such as AQUAglide neutral. If you want to buy lubricant, make sure that the following information is on the packaging:

CE mark

It signals that it is a legal medical device and is mandatory for a medical lubricant! If the CE mark is missing on the packaging, these lubricants are not even intended for sexual intercourse without a condom!

Note „kondomfreundlich/ kondomgeeignet“ in German language

Only with this note you can use the lubricant together with condoms!

If you don't find any or all of the information on the lubricant packaging, don't use it together with condoms!

Independent tests have shown that up to 40 percent of the condoms (tested with non-approved lubricant) burst much earlier than normal! In addition, many of the products that are not approved contain a small amount of oil. This means that the condom safety of the lubricants is no longer guaranteed.

Without copyright - publication desired!

Unlike other products, water-based lubricants are characterized by their versatile applications. For vaginal intercourse, a water-based lubricant blends with the vaginal fluid to provide long-lasting glide. So that you get your money's worth in terms of taste during oral intercourse, you will also receive the lubricant with taste. With AQUAglide anal, we at JOYDIVISION have even developed a water-based lubricant that is very suitable for anal pleasure.

In addition, most water-based lubricants are condom-compatible, so you can be sure of contraception. In addition, a water-based lubricant can't harm your silicone toys – perfect for wet hours with your toys. On top of that, the gel is easy to wash out. So you don't have to worry about possible stains, you can dedicate yourself to yourself and your partner!

If the vagina produces too little moisture as a result of a birth or during the menopause, a lubricant such as AQUAglide helps further and ensures pain-free penetration. The extra moisture also increases your contraceptive safety. Because where there is less friction during love play, the condom bursts less frequently. The gel also provides long-lasting pleasure without pain during anal intercourse. In addition, the AQUAglide lubricant raises your oral pleasures to a new level.

In combination with toys AQUAglide sends you on new flights of fancy. You will also experience a massage of the whole body even more intensively with the gliding gel!

JOYDIVISION has designed AQUAglide lubricant for the various varieties of love, regardless of whether you want to pamper your partner vaginally, anal or orally. A few drops of the gel applied on the appropriate spot will give you pleasurable moments full of sensuality.

If you use the medical product together with condoms, please make sure that you apply the lubricant only to the outside of the condom. If the gel is applied to the inside of the condom or to the penis, there is a risk of the condom tearing.

Our AQUAglide-Favourites

  1. combination of massage oil and lubricant
  2. suitable for latexcondoms
  3. oil-free and easy to wash off
  1. waterbased lubricant – the original
  2. suitable for latexcondoms
  3. pH-optimized for the genital area
  4. also available in sizes 1000 ml, 200 ml, 75 ml, 50 ml
  1. surprisingly liquid consistency
  2. easy and practical to use
  3. for especially long fun together or alone
  4. also available with 250 ml and 50 ml
  1. waterbased lubricant
  2. suitable for use with latexcondoms
  3. glides even longer
  1. waterbased lubricant for sensitive skin
  2. FREE of glycerines and parabens
  3. hyaluronic acid provides the skin with valuable moisture
  1. waterbased lubricant with taste
  2. FREE of sugar
  3. food quality, with nature-identical flavours
  4. also with strawberry, cherry, raspberry, exotic taste
  1. lubricant and massage gel
  2. dermatologically and clinically tested
  3. pH-optimized for the genital area
  1. practical combi product for the genital area
  2. extra gentle shave
  3. also suitable for full body shaving
  1. stimulating gel
  2. water-soluble and fat-free
  3. for more pleasure and feelings
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