WARMup – warming massage oil

stimulate, excite, heat up

You want to pamper your partner properly - with full physical effort?

Then drive him crazy with an erotic massage. A WARMup massage liquid from JOYDIVISION fires his and your mood. 

The soothing warmth opens gently for everything that may come.

  • Your advantages:

► WARMup massage liquid with warming effect
► food-quality
► dermatologically tested 
► FREE from sugar
► Made in Germany 

The WARMup massage oil guide

What's the benefit of an erotic massage?

Often an erotic massage culminates in a climax. But the organism is not the goal. It is a relaxing game that provides you with intense moments of pleasure - as stimulating foreplay or as a body-to-body massage. But it doesn't necessarily always have to end in sexual intercourse. It puts your partner in a state of absolute relaxation, in which he or she is at the mercy of your hands and other parts of the body.

Erotic massages are able to bring body and mind into new sexual spheres. While massaging you experience intense moments with each other, which bring you closer and strengthen your connection. Pure love!


What is a WARMup massage liquid?

A WARMup massage liquid is the perfect support for erotic massages where mood and atmosphere are very important. It is a massage product, which usually has a WARMup effect and provides pleasant warmth. Because nothing is more distracting during massage than cold hands.

WARMup massage liquid from JOYDIVISION gives you an incomparable sensual experience that touches several of your senses. The liquid allows hands, forearms or other parts of the body to glide wonderfully over your partner's body, making the touches more fluid. The WARMup effect relaxes and heats you up at the same time. The rousing aromas of the WARMup massage bring you sensual experiences that you can smell and taste.

For which regions is a WARMup massage liquid suitable?

The WARMup massage product from JOYDIVISION are specially designed for erotic massage and thus for full body application. Whatever you like is possible here! It is up to you whether you work your way from the feet to the middle of the body or whether you first caress your partner with gentle strokes on the neck. Plenty of oil makes you glide better over him or her and allows flowing movements. In this way you can pamper all parts of the body that crave to be touched.

Our WARMup massage liquid is not only dermatologically tested, JOYDIVISION offers it in food quality. Hot kisses on it are therefore not excluded but explicitly desired. Moisturising ingredients provide nourishing moments while pampering.

Which WARMup massage liquid for the genital area?

Our oils are designed and made for intimate moments. With a massage from JOYDIVISION you can of course also massage the intimate area. As experts in sexual wellness, we design products that will drive you crazy. And so the varieties and possibilities of our massage liquid go far beyond the WARMup.

The more intimate it becomes, the more gliding properties are required. That is why we recommend a lubricant for massages in the intimate area. Optimal for intimate massage experiences are also products that combine our most popular lubes AQUAglide and BIOglide

with massaging abilities: Lubricating gel and massage gel in one product. So you are perfectly prepared when intimate caresses end in a sexual union.

Thanks to plenty of oil, you will be able to tickle your partner's clitoris awake in no time and pamper the mons veneris and labia. With a well-oiled finger you can also penetrate her and stroke her to the climax with a G-spot massage.

Our massage product is perfect for gently stroking your partner over the testicles. You can also use it to make his perineum the centre of attention and/or let your fingers climb up his penis until he can't stand it any more and you release him with an orgasm.

JOYDIVISION Massage & Gleitgel 2in1

How to apply the WARMup massage liquid?

A lot of massage oil is needed so that the hands glide beautifully when massaging. For hot moments you should first apply the oil to your own hands until the WARMup effect has developed. Otherwise you can also warm up the massage liquid by rubbing your hands. And then you're ready to go!

What about massage oil and condoms?

Some massage oils are not compatible with condoms and reduce their effectiveness. Therefore, caution is advised at this point so that the tingling foreplay does not lead to a surprising aftermath.

The best way is to use our combined lubricant and massage gel AQUAglide, which you can even use together with latex condoms.

What do I have to pay attention to with massage oils for erotic massage?

The decisive factor in the selection of products is what is important for you and your partner with the massage oil:

Hot, hotter, WARMup effect: If you want to feel pleasant warmth during the massage, which really gets you going, choose a variant designated as WARMup massage liquid.

You want to enjoy seductive scents and tastes while massaging? Then choose a massage oil in your favourite scent.

If you want to lose yourself completely in your relationship and don't want to worry about potential stains, choose a washable massage oil like AQUAglide.

Do you want to be intimate during the massage? The mucous membranes in the intimate area, which give you the highest feelings of pleasure, are particularly sensitive and require an oil that is specially designed for these sensitive body areas. Otherwise it can lead to itchy rashes or even skin irritations associated with pain.

It is therefore essential to ensure that the massage oil or liquid is suitable for these parts of the body. You can obtain particularly gliding properties with a personal lubricant or a combination product. Condom compatibility also plays an important role here.

What is the shelf life of the massage oils?

JOYDIVISION WARMup massage oil has a shelf life of about twelve months after opening.