What you always wanted to know about sex

JOYDIVISIONs clears up from A-Z. The mysteries of eroticism are uncovered and viewed with a portion of humour.

A like Aphrodisiac

The name aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, known as the goddess of love. Aphrodisiacs (plural) are substances used to try to increase libido or solve potency problems. They were also used in ancient times to ignite desire. They may be herbs or other drugs that are supposed to produce this effect. Numerous foods are also said to have desire-enhancing abilities. The oyster is famous for its alleged effect due to its high protein content. However, one has to be careful not to get protein poisoning by consuming too much oyster –  then there will definitely be no sex!


A like Arabic

Arabic" does not mean sex in the desert or even with a camel. Rather, the man holds his penis in warm oil to then insert it into the vagina. This peculiar way of "lubricating" is said to be particularly pleasant and comfortable for the woman. The high-quality lubricating & massage oil from BIOglide is ideally suited for this.

A like Autoerotic

Masturbation is also known as auto-eroticism - just like masturbation. For many, auto-eroticism is the best way to explore your own body and test sexual reactions to touch. The better you know yourself, the better you can also tell your partner how you are most likely to reach orgasm. Masturbation can be done with your hands and fingers or by (additional) penetration with a vibrator or dildo. Besides, only those who love themselves can love someone else! Then have fun!

A like Anal beads / Anal chain

These are threaded balls that are inserted into the anus as a pleasure enhancer. When they are slowly pulled out during orgasm, both men and women report an intensification of sensations. We can especially recommend the Joyballs anal.

A like A Tergo

A tergo refers to sex from behind in the so-called doggy position. The man kneels behind the woman, who is on all fours in front of him. The penis penetrates deeper into the vagina and can even stimulate the woman's G-spot. The man can hold onto the woman's pelvis, which turns many men on even more.

A like Arabic glasses

The man puts his testicles on the woman's eyes during a blow job. Wow, you have to come up with that first.

A like AD/DC

Actually, AC = direct current and DC = alternating current, so it is obvious that bisexuality is also called this. Because you partly sex with the current and also against the current.

A like Anal sex

Anal sex, contrary to many opinions, is not exclusive to homosexuality. Heterosexual men and women are often interested in the stimulation of the anus and integrate the stroking of this zone up to the insertion of ergonomically shaped dildos or similar into lovemaking. In any case, you should always provide enough lubrication ("moistening") for maximum pleasure, possibly in combination with vaginal stimulation. Since there is no natural moisture in this part of the body, we recommend the use of easyANAL, a special lubricant, especially for beginners.


A like Anilingus

Anilingus (Latin anus "anus" and lingere "to lick") describes a sexual practice in which the anus is stimulated with the tongue and lips. The anal region has many nerve endings and is therefore a very erotic zone.

A like Asexuell

Asexual means having no interest in sex. Asexual people feel no desire for sex

B like Blow-Job

If not everyone knew what a blow job was yet, then at the latest since Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky, the world's most famous intern.

"To blow" it refers to the oral stimulation of the penis with the woman's mouth. The Lewinsky affair offered the clichéd image of the intern on her knees under the president's desk - a thoroughly enticing scene for some men!

B like Butt Plug

Butt plug is an anal toy that can be inserted into the anus and usually remains there without slipping in or out. It can be inserted into the anus and usually remains there without slipping in or out. A not quite classic butt plug, but a thoroughly recommendable alternative, is the XPANDER X3.

B like BDSM

BDSM is the abbreviation for "Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism". It is about dominance and submission, which is lived out with playful punishment and bondage games.

Product idea for beginners

B like pelvic floor (DE = Beckenboden)

The pelvic floor muscles of women are not only given a lot of attention in midwifery forums because the entire musculature has to be strengthened again after childbirth, but this muscle is also extremely important from a sexual point of view. By specifically "addressing" the muscle by simulating "stopping", you can achieve good training results in a short time. Joyballs are a good training tool because they stimulate the muscles through movement alone. During sex, the partner can squeeze the penis, for example, by contracting the muscle, which gives the penis an interesting stimulation. If a woman has a strong pelvic floor, finding the G-spot is much easier.

B like Bisexuality

Bisexual is the term used to describe someone who is sexually attracted to both sexes. So, for example, it describes a man who is attracted to both women and men. Sigmund Freud went so far in his assertions as to say that everyone is bisexual, only suppressing it because of social constraints.

B like Blind Date

This exciting term for the first meeting of two people is not a meeting of people with impaired vision. Through the Internet, two people have made contact with each other to possibly enter into a partnership or just sexual contact. The potential couple arranges to meet in a café or restaurant after having exchanged a little about each other's interests and preferences. It is important that a sign of recognition is agreed upon - after all, the two people in love have never seen each other before and do not want to sit down at the wrong table.

B like Bondage

Bondage is classified in the area of fetish. Sexual stimulation is achieved by being bound or tied up. There are people who do not need any stimulation other than being tied up. Others simply want to tie up their partner in order to use him as a real object of pleasure. However, this must always be done in consultation, otherwise it can quickly become a case of deprivation of liberty. The restraints can be made of a fine silk scarf, as in Basic Instinct, or of other high-quality materials like SexMAX Bondage. For real fetishists, the bondage act goes as far as being tied up with metal. Bondage also reached the international art scene years ago and is seen there almost detached from sexuality.

B like Breasts

A woman's breasts, as an external sexual characteristic, are always an eye-catcher for most men. Men like to include the breasts in their sexuality. From gentle stroking to strong kneading - the more excited the game, the stronger it can be. The nipples, which are already very sensitive without touch and react to cold and arousal, can be stimulated even more intensively by gentle nibbling and sucking. Important tip for men: Always try it out carefully and be attentive to your partner's reactions. It should also be said that some men are also into pampering their nipples! So, dear women: Try it out!


B like Bellybuttonshot

Bellybuttonshot is a hit directly into the woman's bellybutton. So a man has to manage to hit directly into the little hole when he jerks off.

B like blackberry sex

Sex with someone who has a very prickly intimate shave. Basically, what you know from making out with a three-day beard.

C like Cockring

Cock rings are used to prevent premature orgasm in men and to prolong the act. The rings are slipped onto the flaccid penis ("cock") and remain there until orgasm. By applying them, blood is prevented from flowing back out of the erect penis in order to keep the penis stiff for longer. These rings are available in various materials and textures and are made of metal, plastic or leather, among others. Th EXTASYring is comfortable to wear and pleasurable for both.

More on this topic in the guidebook: Helping to getting a erection


C like Creampie

Also called cream pie, scenes in porn films in which the man ejaculates in such a way that the so-called "creampie" visibly runs out of the vagina. Since the ejaculate is often insufficient, auxiliary substances are also added.

C like Cumshot

The word is composed of "cum" (scene language for: sperm) and "shot". It is the moment in a porn film when the man ejaculates, in such a way that it is animatingly visible to the viewer. It is popular to squirt the sperm in the face or on the breasts of the woman.

C like Casual Sex

Casual sex means sex without obligations. The uncomplicated sex usually takes place with changing partners without any obligations.

C like Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus (cunnus "female pubic area" and lingua "tongue") involves stimulating a woman's external genitals with the tongue. This type of play is often used during foreplay and increases the chance that the partner will reach orgasm.

C like Charme

You can achieve a lot with charm. Your partner should hear and feel that she is desired more often. A romantic evening by candlelight with palate-pleasing appetisers (too much food makes you tired of sex!!) simply makes you want more...

C like Cuckhold

A cuckhold is a man who gains pleasure when his steady partner has intimate contact with other men. A woman who becomes sexually aroused when her husband has sex with another woman is called a cuckquean.

C like Coitus interruptus

Coitus interruptus (Latin coitus "sexual intercourse" and interruptus "interrupted"; abbreviation CI) is an unsafe form of contraception. The man pulls out of the vagina shortly before ejaculation of the penis, so that ejaculation occurs outside. CI has a very low contraceptive safety because even the drop of desire can contain semen in advance.

D like Dysfunction erectile

A man's sexuality can be affected by disorders. One of the most common is erectile dysfunction, also called erectile dysfunction. The inability to achieve sufficient stiffness (erection) of the male member (penis) for satisfactory sexual intercourse is very stressful for men. Sexual desire (libido) is often still present. Over time, however, the libido can also disappear, as those affected do not have to confront their supposed "failure". If the required erection cannot be maintained long enough, a potency ring is a thoroughly effective remedy.

Further information on this topic can be found in the guidebook: Helping to get an erection

D like Dark Room

The dark room is a special room in saunas or clubs that is set up for sexual encounters.

D like Dirty Talking

"Yes, give me animal names!" "Stallion!". Dirty talking can sound like this or similar. Little dirty words are breathed into the ear of the partner during sex or (if the flat is free of storms) passionately shouted out. The mood is thus heated up even more and the animalistic comes out.

D like Domina

The term Domina (lat. "mistress of the house", from lat. Domus = house) was originally the Roman term for a mistress of the house. Today, the term domina or dominatrix (en.) is used to describe women who offer sadistic and dominant practices in exchange for money. As a rule, these women do not offer sexual intercourse.

D like Dogging

This is a form of exhibitionism (lat. exhibere = to show). People meet in public places to have sex there for all to see. The term emerged in Britain in the 1970s and at that time referred to voyeurs who walked their dogs in the park to watch couples having sex outdoors.

D like Dessous

A very important point for the perfect seduction is the "underneath" - for both of you, of course. When you undress together for the first time, you quickly discover whether you are a romantic or a practical person. So it's goodbye to "fine ribs and towelling"! Delicate lace or lacquer? That's a question of individual taste, but it should underline your own type. By the way, most people agree that attractive packaging is more promising than striking nudity. Unpacking is fun for all of us!

E like Ejaculation

The finish of the male orgasm is ejaculation. Ejaculate is not fattening - it is 91.8% water! The few calories come from proteins, including enzymes and sugar, so that the sperm swim better.

E like erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are the areas of the body that can cause sexual desire when suitably stimulated.

Here are some examples!

E like Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an dysfunction in which it is not possible to achieve or maintain an erection over a longer period of time. Erectile dysfunction is very often due to circulatory problems and can, in the best case, be avoided by backing up the blood using a penis ring.

E like (DE = Erdbeer) Strawberry Week

A trivialised form of menstruation, period or monthly bleeding. If you lovingly accept the female cycle, strawberry week is a nice term for an otherwise predominantly negative topic. And if you also use products that make these days as comfortable and pleasant as possible, like soft tampons, you can start strawberry week in a relaxed way.

And if you want to give the days a different name, here are some quirky suggestions:
Surfing the red wave
A visit from the red castle
Visit from the red baron
Visit from the red devil
Visit from the red Lola
Visit from the red aunt (from Unterleibzig)
Visit from Mr. Squirt
Visit from aunt Rosi
Bloody Mary
Bloody Times
Painting the cellar red
Having the painter in the cellar
Having the rule
The red army in the cellar
Draw the red card
The red wave
Having the days
Thread time (alluding to the tampon)
Ferrari in the underground car park
Fire engine
Indian week (because of the red skin of the Indians)
Ketchup week
Cherry time
Los Wochos
Monthly breakdown
Cranberry Week
Red River
Pink week
Red Week
Red Zora
get a red visit
Pout Week
Auntie Pink from Unterleibzig is here
Torpedo week (alluding to the tampon)
Holiday at the red sea
Vampire lollipop
Wine in the cellar

E like Euparenia

Eupareunia comes from the Greek and describes the state when both partners reach orgasm at the same time.

E like Erotophobia

The fear of eroticism. Erotophobia comes from the Greek: eroto-, ero-, eroto- = love, passion; phobia= fear.

E like Erotophony

Erotophony (literally: telephoning about erotic content). Pleasure is gained through telephone conversations with strangers about erotic content.

Not to be confused with erotophobia, which describes the pathological aversion to sexual contact.

F like (DE Flotter Dreier) threesome

It describes sexual intercourse between 3 people and is thus the smallest form of group sex. The desire to have sexual intercourse with two partners is more common than one might think.

F like Fallatio

Fellatio is a very popular form of oral sex among men. The penis is stimulated by the mouth, tongue, lips and possibly also the teeth of the sexual partner. This delicious form of play can also be made even more intense for both of you by using tasty lubricants. A water-based lubricant such as Frenchkiss is recommended.

G like (DE Gleitgel) lubricant / lube

Lubricants, lubricating gel, lubricating cream or lubricating oil are liquids that optimise sexual practices. They serve to reduce friction and balance the natural lubrication. Particularly suitable for the sensitive mucous membranes, they prevent pain or serve to enrich sexual life.

Which lubricant gel is the right one?

G like G-Spot

For many couples, the search for the G-spot is like the search for the Holy Grail. For a long time, its mere existence was even questioned. The G-spot owes its name to the "finder" - the gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Gräfenberg discovered the point, which is actually an area, as early as 1950. In seminars, this area is also called the "female prostate". Through targeted muscle training (tensing the vaginal muscles and the pelvic floor), "woman" can sensitise this area and, among other things, find and develop it more precisely with the help of a vibrator or a dildo. The orgasm is much more intense than that achieved through pure clitoral stimulation. The search is worthwhile!

H like High point

Climaxing together - a dream for many couples. But since this can degenerate into high pressure, everyone should first "work" on their orgasm. If the climax actually happens at the same time, it is all the more beautiful. Many men allow the woman to go first so that no pressure builds up. After all, men have a completely different orgasm than women. The female orgasm rises slowly and stops at a kind of "plateau", only to level off again very slowly. Men's curve, on the other hand, rises quickly and steeply, only to drop off again just as steeply after the climax. Try it again and again and then enjoy it together!

Î like Intimate shower

An intimate shower is an attachment for the shower hose that can be inserted vaginally or anally and is used for cleaning or stimulation by means of a water jet massage.

The AQUAstick from JOYDIVISION is particularly recommended.

I like In flagranti

"In flagrante delicto" comes from Latin and means catching someone cheating in the act.

I wie Impotence

Impotence (Latin impotentia = inability, incapacity) is a very uncomfortable subject for those affected. Also known as erectile dysfunction, impotence can manifest itself through a decrease in the elasticity of the penile tissue and also reduced blood flow during sexual arousal as well as a lack of "stiffness" during erection. The penis becomes flaccid after a short time or does not become erect at all. Many men can be helped. It can be prevented through physical activity and regular sex. Sport is good medicine. So the clear message about sex is: Use it or lose it! You can also try a POTENZplus ring; the blood stasis can maintain an erection for longer.


JOYDIVISION offers numerous ways to get closer again, to feel and enjoy. With high-quality products such as lubricants, precious massage liquids and much more, JOYDIVISION brings pleasure and passion into the bedroom. Whether alone or as a couple - it's fun to enrich sex with little helpers!

K like Kamasutra

Kamasutra are the "verses of desire". The textbook contains the eroticism of the Indian tradition from the first approach to the end of a relationship. In the western world, the Kama Sutra impresses with its multitude of acrobatic positions.

K like Karezza

Karezza (Italian carezza "to caress" "to caress") or coitus reservatus is a sexual way of being together that does not aim at orgasm. The basic principle is to regulate the amount of stimulation so that you retain control over your orgasm.

K like (DE Klitoris) clitoris

For many women, stimulation of the clitoris is the only way to reach orgasm. This small spot has erectile tissue that swells when aroused (like the penis). Stimulation can be done with the fingers or by caressing it with the partner's tongue. The partner should proceed gently and always pay attention to the partner's reactions. A vibrator can also be used to alternately touch the clitoris and insert it into the vagina.

L like Lust killer

Menstruation, stress and indisposition are the most frequent lust killers. Women also often suffer more often from their husbands' listlessness. Relaxation after a hard day's work can help. Of course, this can be done together during a walk or - even better - a mutual massage. By feeling and relaxing, a nice atmosphere builds up by itself. A hot bath together can also be very stimulating, since both are already naked... hot sex can develop out of it as if by itself.

L like Libido

Libido (Latin libido: "desire, craving") is the psychic sex drive, The libido is sexual desire, which is expressed differently in everyone. There is no standard for the "normal" libido. Depending on the life situation, the libido can change.

M like Massage

The term massage (French: masser) originated in the middle of the 17th century and probably comes from the Arabic: to touch, to palpate or from the Greek: to chew, to knead.

More on the subject of massage

M like Ménage à Trois

This is a triangular relationship or marriage of three. A non-monogamous way of life of 3 people. The ménage à trois as a form of polyamory is not to be confused with the threesome, which is the pure sexual relationship of 3 people.

M like Menstruation

Menstruation (Latin from menstruus 'monthly' to mensis 'month') is a monthly recurring bleeding. The uterus sheds the lining of the uterus in periods (which is why menstruation is also called a period). Unfortunately, menstruation is often a pleasure killer, but sex during menstruation can provide a good dose of relaxation. Once the relaxation is taken care of, the hygiene factor is often still an obstacle for couples. Fortunately, there are soft tampons. The extremely Soft-Tampons - without a thread to get in the way - are ideal for "clean" sex during menstruation. The partner doesn't even have to know that SHE has her period.

M like Mamma Coitus / Mammal Intercourse

The preference to rub one's genitals against the breasts of one's partner. Also called titfuck or lat. coitus intermammarius, coitus inter mammas, coitus intramammas, coitus intra mammas.

N like (DE Neunundsechzig) Sixty-nine (69)

Everyone has certainly been confronted with this term for a position of the sexual act in their youth. Both partners orally stimulate each other's genitals at the same time. They either lie on top of each other or next to each other. This position is often chosen as the entrée of lovemaking, and it cannot be ruled out that both "end" in an orgasm in this very pleasurable way.

N like Narratophilia

In principle, it is the well-known dirty talk. The fetish of talking during sex and being turned on by obscene words and stories.

O like Onanism

Also called masturbation or hand-job, onanism is a predominantly manual stimulation of one's own sexual organs. Completely frowned upon 100 years ago, onanism is now a completely normal practice of self-love and even very important for getting to know the body sexually.

O like Orgasmic Manchette

This is the lower muscle group of the vagina that contracts just before orgasm.

O like One-night stand

As the translation suggests, this form of sexual encounter is not intended as a lasting relationship with the aim of entering into marriage. In today's fast-paced world, it certainly occurs to lust-driven people (women as well as men) to take a fleeting acquaintance home to indulge in spontaneous sexuality. If you're in a hurry, you might even decide to perform the act in the car (especially in the warmer seasons). So if you read something about a passion for ONS in any erotic partner exchange, it is not about the special game with other bodily fluids, but about the desire for a one-night stand.

P like Prostate Stimulation / Prostate Massage

Prostate stimulation refers to the specific stimulation of the prostate to expand the sexual portfolio. Every man should have tried this type of play at least once.

The specific stimulation of the prostate is a sexual practice that can lead to a very special kind of orgasm. To reach the prostate, you have to go through the anus and this is recommended with a sex toy specially designed for this purpose, such as the XPANDER prostate stimulator.

More on this topic: Prostate massage for men - Stimulate the man's G-spot

P like Periode

The period describes the days on which women menstruate. This is the part of the menstrual cycle when women bleed. For many couples, this is a challenging situation because the woman is often irritated and the bleeding means that sexual intercourse is not possible because of hygiene. Soft-Tampons were developed for this case; the soft threadless tampons can be worn during sex and ensure that nothing goes wrong.

P like Petting

This is how it all began! "Will I get pregnant from petting?" was the first important question that had to be answered - and not only by the Dr. Sommer team. Petting is the process of exploring and touching your partner with your hands. The two "actors" can be clothed or naked - depending on which stage of "getting involved" they are at. The actual act - i.e. the insertion of the penis into the vagina - is omitted.

Q like Quickie

A quickie is a "fast number" during sex. Usually a spontaneous act. The average quickie lasts about 3 minutes.

A classic quickie location is the lift. Changing rooms are also suitable for a quick love game.

Other popular places for
Aeroplane toilet

Q like Queer

The word was a swear word for gays and lesbians in the English-speaking world. Actually, the word rather says that someone is different or a bit crazy - just deviating from the norm. Over the years, the gay and lesbian movement has managed to bring more positivity to the term. Nowadays, "queer" is no longer just gays and lesbians, but also asexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, etc. - simply people who live a "different" sexuality.

Q like Queening

During queening, one partner sits on the other's face to be pampered orally with tongue and lips.

R like Riding Position

No horse is needed for this popular position. The man lies comfortably on his back and the woman sits down - depending on how she likes it - with her vagina or anus on the excited penis. The penis can penetrate quite deeply in this position. However, the woman has "the reins" in this position, as she can determine the depth by raising and lowering her pelvis or even by kneeling. The partners can kiss each other and stimulate their breasts. If the horses run away with them, they can reach orgasm quickly, as the woman also has her hands free to stimulate her clitoris, for example.

R like Rimming

Rimming (see also anilingus) means sexual stimulation of the anal region with tongue or lips. This can refer to the external regions, but also include penetration with the tongue.

S like Swinger

Swinger is a term for people who live out or flaunt their sexuality with different partners. Swingers live in a non-monogamous relationship and have sexual contact (by mutual consent) with other people. Swingers' clubs and swingers' parties have established themselves as meeting places - places where like-minded people meet to practise partner swapping and group sex or to perform the sexual act with their own partner in the company of others.

S like Sheath

The vagina is the stretchable tube of the female sexual organ. The vagina is lined with a thick mucous membrane. The thickness and texture of the vaginal skin is determined by the interaction of various sex hormones.

S like STI (Sexually transmitted diseases)

STI is an English abbreviation meaning S = sexually T = transmitted I = infections, which means Sexually Transmitted Infections formerly called sexually transmitted diseases. The most common symptoms of STI are: Discharge, painful or painless genital ulcers (ulcerations), swelling in the groin area, scrotal swelling, lower abdominal pain.However, STI often do not cause pain or other symptoms and therefore unfortunately often go unnoticed and untreated.

More on this topic: Sexual health guide

S like Silicone

In the nineties, our vernacular often referred to implants of breasts with silicone. We were literally confronted with a wave of "fake" breasts back then. Baywatch led the way with Pamela Anderson, and numerous A, B and C celebrities (and many others) followed the example of giving nature a helping hand. After people (or rather women) discovered that silicone can also be used for lips, cheeks and buttocks, this ingenious material was finally put to good use. High-quality vibrators are made of 100% medical silicone and deliver a lot of fun. Quality is important here, which is why the lusty Joystickmodels are recommended.

S like Spanking

Spanking is affectionate light blows and slaps on the partner's bottom.

S like Squirting

Squirting is the term used to describe ejaculation in women. It is a secretion of a watery secretion from glands next to the urethra. In principle, all women are capable of this, but the majority never enjoy a squirting experience.

T like Tampons

Tampons in their actual form are not necessarily conducive to lovemaking. Inevitably, however, a woman is forced to tame her cycle. In order to have hygienic sexual contact during menstruation, the use of Soft-Tampons is very beneficial. These soft tampons are quite different from conventional tampons. They are soft and adapt perfectly to the anatomy inside the body. So there are no unwanted red marks on the bedclothes (or wherever) before, during or after the act. At best, the man doesn't even notice that the woman is having her period.

T like Tantra

Tantra combines sexuality and sensuality with spirituality. Tantra is a sacred and millennia-old philosophy that sees sexuality as a partial aspect of spiritual practice and even enlightenment. The act itself is seen as a spiritual practice in which our mind and body become one - both with our counterpart and with the universe.

U like (DE Unfruchtbarkeit) Infertility

Infertility is when a couple does not become pregnant after more than 12 months without contraception. After this period (of course only if they wish to have a child), both partners should go to a counselling centre together to learn about the variety of possibilities to have a child.

V like Veneris mons

What sounds so beautifully romantic and poetic describes the slight elevation above the pubic bone. In caveman times, this mound was much hairier than it is today. Many women (especially younger ones) feel that intimate shaving is a MUST for hygiene. In addition, the mons veneris, which begins at the end of the labia majora and leads towards the navel, is much better to admire and explore.

V like Vagina

The vagina is a woman's internal sexual organ. It is the 8 to 12 cm that connects the cervix with the external genitals (labia and clitoris). The vagina is lined with very stretchy mucous membranes and enclosed by many pelvic floor muscles.

W like Wax Play

The very thought of dripping hot candle wax on the body makes some BDSM lovers' hearts beat faster or the Marquis de Sade would have his true joy. 

XY like XY chromosome

This is exactly what describes the small but subtle difference between men and women. This is what sometimes makes it so difficult to understand each other and at the same time exerts an attraction on the opposite sex. How nice that the two sexes are so different - there is still something to discover and explore, and not only in a purely scientific way...

Z like Circumcision

Is the foreign word for male circumcision.

Z like (DE Zungenspiele) tongue games

Die Zunge ist ein wirklich interessanter Muskel, der es uns nicht nur ermöglicht, verständlich zu sprechen, sondern auch bei unserem Partner wundervolle Gefühle auslösen kann durch pure Berührung. Sei es der hocherotische Zungenkuss, bei dem sich beide Zungen mal vorsichtig mal fordernd berühren (bitte keine Mandeluntersuchung vornehmen!!) oder auch die orale Befriedigung. Frauen können den Mann durch Zungenspiele am Penis (speziell an der Eichel) ziemlich stark erregen (bis zum Orgasmus) und Männer dürfen die Frau z. B. am Kitzler (vorsichtig beginnen) mit der Zunge berühren und verführen.

Z like Zervix

Medical term for the cervix. The cervix is the lowest point of the uterus. When using Soft-Tampons, we recommend that they are placed directly in front of the cervix.