Helping to get an erection

Tip for the male self-confidence

A romantic situation, the foreplay and then suddenly the break-in.

Almost every man has had the painful experience that his best play suddenly didn't last as long as he did. To all affected men: This need not be a cause for concern, because an erection that is interrupted too prematurely can be prevented.

What is known to many as a penis ring, potency ring or cock ring and is often mistaken for a pure sex shop article, has a reason for existence as a so-called constriction ring that should not be underestimated. If an erection cannot be maintained long enough, the use of a penis ring can actually help. The even compression in the area of the base of the penis effectively counteracts the premature loss of erectile tissue. During the application the blood is prevented from flowing away. This blood congestion leads to a significant prolongation of the erection and also to a strengthening of it.

Compared to all other methods of treating erectile dysfunction, potency rings are inexpensive and do not require any major effort when applied, and love-making is hardly affected.

When choosing a penis ring you should make sure that it can be removed without much effort even in the state of erection. This is easiest to do with flexible and adjustable penis rings, such as the VARIOring and the ERECTOmed.

Should you still have concerns, you can learn more in our guidebook topic "Is a penis ring dangerous?" Be brave, because it has always been very positive to try something new and especially the simple things can have a big effect.