High quality toys for solo sex and for couples

Whatever you want to do during love play – do it and treat yourself to an extra drop of moisture so you glide from climax to climax. Vaginal, oral, anal or for massage, alone or together: 

With JOYDIVISION lubricant you get another player at your side during love play, who opens you for all facets of love and lets you discover new desires.

For all those who have a lot in mind and want to get high – and who also attach importance to quality.

  • Your advantages:

► pH-optimized
► medical devices
► great variety of flavours
► long-term gliding properties
► dermatologically and clinically tested
► latexcondom compatible
► Made in Germany

The Lovetoys Guide

Lovetoys: high quality toys for solo sex and couples

Come on, let's play! If you dare, let JOYDIVISION lovetoys take you on an adventure and show you what's possible – whether solo or in a joint love play. Vibrators, love balls, prostate vibrators, penis rings –everything your heart, or rather your libido, desires! For HER and HIM. Enjoy intense moments, more fun and highlights of new dimensions.  

  • A large selection of love toys for HER and HIM  
  • made of medical silicone or Silikomed® – can be used with all lubricants
  • absolutely harmless – no plasticizers/phthalates  
  • odourless
  • Made in Germany 

What are love toys?

Games and toys are only for children? Far from it! Even beyond puberty, the play instinct has us firmly in its grip – and lovetoys literally succeeds in doing so. Because toys for adults rob you of your senses and mind once they have catapulted you high into orgasmic heaven.

As an erotic toy, everything you use during love play counts, regardless of whether you are alone or together. Toys that beep, hum or simply stimulate you through their presence and make sex even more beautiful.

With lovetoys for HER the vibrator is a welcome and beloved little or big helper. But also love balls provide great pleasure for most women.

Prostate vibrators and anal toys are among the love toys that make HIM happy. The longer durability that a penis ring brings you, inspires your partner even more.  

Why use erotic toys?  

Seriously? You have a completely fulfilled and varied sex life? We can only congratulate you on that. But love toys make it a bit more exciting and better. We promise.

Because who doesn't like to try something new in love? Erotic toys get your libido and fantasy going. It chases routine out of the bedroom and can even rekindle a fallen asleep love life.

Love toys give your partner another way to stimulate you and bring you more fun and more intense orgasms than ever before. Especially women who do not reach the climax of penetration will reach the much desired climax with love toys for HER. But be careful, there is something coming towards you!

If you explore love with toys, you get to know yourself and your body better. This will not only bring you intense moments during solo sex, but also helps you to play love with your partner. Lovetoys teach you what and where stimulation feels especially good for you – the most important prerequisite for really good sex.  

When to use love toys?

Of course you can use lovetoys in all kinds of love games. The toy is suitable for hot hours alone. But it is also a pleasure for couples.

During solo sex, erotic toys give off another player. For example, let the prostate vibrators stimulate you! Loveballs are the toys that can accompany you as a woman even during your everyday activities and besides you train your pelvic floor muscles.

Even sexual preferences, which you have not yet dared to approach, can be tried out with lovetoys. And if you like what you feel, maybe that's also something for lovemaking together. Because love toys don't just get you going solo, they're also great for couple sex. A gentle massage with the JOYDIVISION WARMup warming massage oil will create the right mood. 

JOYDIVISION Mann & Frau im Bett

Why are JOYDIVISION love toys a good choice? 

It is in the nature of things that erotic toys penetrate your innermost being and touch your most intimate parts of the body. Of course high quality is required, because health should always come first before fun!

There are strict guidelines for children's toys on which materials they may contain. Not for love toys. That's why toys for adults contain numerous chemicals that represent a real health risk. For this reason it is important to use high-quality love toys. JOYDIVISION is always a good choice!

JOYDIVISION toys are made of medical silicone or Silikomed® – completely harmless materials instead of softeners, as found in the PVC, jelly or rubber versions. Made in Germany stands for highest quality. The love toys are dermatologically and clinically tested. So you can let yourself go completely – your health is in good hands.

Because not everyone needs to know what you do, the erotic toys from JOYDIVISION are extremely quiet. But the products are less reserved when it comes to the vibration strength – here it's all about power, at least if you want to. With the many vibration levels of the JOYDIVISION vibrators, everyone gets his or her money's worth!

Most of the JOYDIVISION toys are water resistant so there are no limits to your play instinct. This way you can relax and pamper yourself in the shower or bathtub. And these are by far not all possibilities! For wet games in bed we recommend our love sheets.  

Which love toys are available from JOYDIVISION?

Many! Toys for man or woman. For vaginal or anal. That way all of you can have fun as much as you want.

Among the sextoys for HER you will find:

  • Vibrators: Toys with vibrations, with multiple intensity levels 
  • Kegel balls: strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and let you feel more during sex 


Getting sextoys excited about HIM as  

  • Prostate vibrators: stimulate the P-point  
  • Anal toys: Toys for the anal pleasures, of course also suitable for you


Why silicone / Silikomed® love toys?

Because we consider silicone to be the love toy material of the future. Synthetic manufacturing processes transform natural raw materials into high-quality toys for adults, which are in a sense natural products. This makes JOYDIVSION products absolutely compatible, non-toxic and food safe. Furthermore, the material gives the toys a velvety soft surface – you can feel it!

Silikomed® is a new type of plastic that is very easy to process during manufacture and gives you maximum fun as a finished product. No harmful softeners are used at all. Moreover, Silikomed® products are perfectly compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants such as our AQUAglide lubricant and our BIOglide lubricant.  

JOYDIVISION AQUAglide & BIOgleit Gleitgel Produktfamilie

How do I clean my toys correctly?  

After the pleasure is always before the pleasure. If your toys have spoiled you, it's your turn for the afterplay. Because even your toys explicitly require care after use. Only a thorough cleaning protects you from unpleasant infections!

In principle, water and a mild soap are sufficient to remove all residues from your love toy and make it hygienically clean again. You should definitely keep your hands off sharp cleaning agents. After all, you would not use them for your personal hygiene.

If you want to play it safe, JOYDIVISION clean'n'safe is the right choice. This is good for your toys and ultimately also for you. Dry the toy well afterwards and store it in a dry and dust-free place so that it doesn't lint. The drawer is perfect for this. There it waits for you until its next use is required!