Unique positions for new sexual experiences

You want to get on top of the world in love play? The original Loveswing – the classic from JOYDIVISION for over 25 years – gives you as Loveswing "multi vario" or "de Luxe" unexpected dimensions of sexual highlights!  

Experience unusual positions together and swing without physical effort into completely new spheres of erotic desire.

  • Your advantages:

► extra soft & wide belts
► up to 100 kg or 150 kg
► maximum safety and quality
► market leader in Europe

The Love Swing Guide

Love Swing: see and feel more for maximum couple fun

Get into position and swing to the climax! A Love Swing lets you take off and carries you high up in the sky. The Love Swing gets your love life going: experience the most exciting sex positions without having to contort yourself. For the active part the sex swing allows hot views, for the passive free hands and a floating feeling. When it comes to safety and quality, JOYDIVISION offers you the ideal Love Swing. 

highest quality and safety made in Europe for 25 years
numerous positions possible
soft and wide loops and straps


What is a Love Swing?

A Love Swing is the ultimate sex toy for couples, regardless of their sexual orientation. In its basic principle it reminds of the swing for children – only that with a sex swing for two you leave the ground of the facts and give yourself completely to your lust. 

The name already gives a hint: With a Love Swing you feel the love swinging. The swing consists of straps and cushions, which are usually suspended from the ceiling. These ensure maximum flexibility in the positions in which you unite. Especially a Love Swing with ceiling attachment aligns you in such a way that you get wonderful access to vagina, anus and mouth – or wherever else you want to get to. 

How does a Love Swing work?

One of you take a seat in the swing. How? A JOYDIVISION Love Swing offers the most varied possibilities for this - hanging from the ceiling, sitting, lying on your back or stomach. Be creative, the sex swing lets you realise your most secret wishes. The swing allows you to move in many different ways and still gives you a firm hold. The other person can now approach and you will find each other – in positions in which you have never before merged. 

Use the swing of the love-swing for the pushing movements, for the freeing hands you will surely think of something. Of course the rocker can also spoil the other manually or orally. A Love Swing opens up new and previously undreamed-of possibilities for you, because you open up to each other in completely new positions. Depending on your ability to cope with pressure, you can also take two people on the Love Swing and climb it together with your partner. Try it out! 

What is a Love Swing good for?

A sex swing enriches your love life in several ways: On the one hand, the swing gives you new perspectives as well as insights and views. For the G-spot stimulation, a Love Swing brings you in the perfect position. A luxurious love swing ensures maximum relaxation and thus prolongs your stamina. The Love Swing allows you to concentrate better on each other and, far away from all the technical gimmicks, to get incredibly close to each other. 

On the other hand, the swing gives you the feeling of floating, being at the mercy of the other person and presenting yourself completely to him. This has something wicked, new and exciting about it and gives you a real kick in your home bedroom. And so you swing together in the love swing towards the climax. 

Which positions are possible in a Love Swing?

As with all love toys for couples, the same applies to the sex swing: What both of them like is possible. A JOYDIVISION Love Swing gives you the security of being able to move freely in it, floating on the ceiling. Experience the classic sex positions in a completely new way: 

facing each other in Missionary
bouncing around in butterflies
the butt in doggy-style in various variations with the optimal G-spot stimulation 


Of course the swing doesn't only bring you together vaginally. Couples indulge themselves in it anal, oral and manual. JOYDIVISION WARMup massage gel provides the right mood, our most popular lubricants  AQUAglide and BIOglide for the additional moisture kick.

Why should I buy a JOYDIVISION Love Swing?

The Love Swings from JOYDIVISION are among the most popular adult swings on the sex toy market. We are not surprised: after all, they combine the highest quality and safety with maximum fun. Our first model invited couples to swing together 25 years ago. 

Today the JOYDIVISION multi vario has become the market leader in Europe. Your advantage: The Love Swing with ceiling mount gives you especially many variations to move and love each other. Because the extra wide loops and straps of the multi vario can be adjusted in many ways and are immensely well padded – a luxurious love swing for that special comfort during lovemaking. 

Deepen completely in yourself – physically and mentally. With the Loveswing multi vario you need not worry about your safety. This is taken care of by a stable ceiling attachment and the sturdy steel chain, which you can load with up to 150 kg. With the partner spring it is even 200 kg.

Only the Loveswing de Luxe from JOYDIVISION gives you even more comfort and freedom of movement. On this luxury love swing, the straps and loops hang on four individual chains and are even wider. The Loveswing de Luxe has a load capacity of 100 kg, which you can increase to 150 kg with the partner spring. 

How is a Love Swing attached?

Basically there are different mechanisms to attach Love Swings: 

Ceiling attachment 
Door mounting 

A Love Swing, which is attached to the closed door, does not offer you so much freedom of movement during lovemaking. And for a frame you need one thing above all: a lot of space. That's why the JOYDIVISION Love Swings are designed for ceiling mounting. 

What about the safety of Love Swings?

In order for you to be able to really let yourself fall and give yourself to each other while swinging, the Love Swing must of course meet high safety standards. The Love Swings of JOYDIVISION are made in Germany and promise maximum safety: So you can enjoy yourself – quasi freely floating in the air - and be sure: They keep you safe. 

However, you should always follow the safety instructions when making love and not exceed the maximum load limit. Otherwise be sure: There are still so many variations of love ahead of you that need to be discovered.