Potency- & Penisrings

Penis ring: small helper for maximum stability

Put on the ring that can increase your powers immeasurably. A penis ring from JOYDIVISION can make the penis harder and will make you last longer in love play. The little helper also prevents premature ejaculation and can bring you both more pleasure and more intense orgasms.

  • Your advantages:

► possible longer and harder erection
► easy handling and ergonomic design
► made of medical silicone
► perfect fit thanks to various sizes or infinitely adjustable cockrings
► Made in Germany

The Penis Ring Guide

What is a penis ring?

Cockring, potency ring, constriction ring or erection ring - whatever man calls it, in its function a penis ring always remains the same. It is a ring made of silicone, leather or metal, which is pulled over the penis and/or - if desired - over the testicles. It is important that the penis ring firmly encloses the penis.

How does a penis ring work?

If the penis ring fits tightly around the shaft of the penis, it creates a slight blood congestion and presses the blood into the glans. At the same time the ring slows down the blood flow from the erectile tissue. Due to the increased blood flow to the penis, it becomes plumper and looks particularly impressive on its own. In addition, the penis ring lets you hold out longer during lovemaking and delays ejaculation.

What's the point of a penis ring?

A lot! You can be sure of that. Feel more pleasure, watch your penis grow magnificently and give it more endurance for all kinds of games. A penis ring supports you in your manhood. The fuller erection that such a small ring makes possible, lets you last longer during sex. In this way, a cock ring gives you a stronger manhood. Not only you are happy about this. It also gives your partner a better chance of reaching the climax during penetration. If you also pull the cock ring over your testicles, you will also experience stronger orgasms yourself. The ring prevents the testicles from retracting towards the body during the climax.

Why use a penis ring?

Whether with increasing age, caused by illness, by a decreasing feeling of lust or by pressure to perform - when the penis doesn't want to do as you do: erectile dysfunction occurs more often than you might think. But men are not simply at their mercy and can still lead a satisfying sex life for all.

If the blood flows out of the penis prematurely, the JOYDIVISION penis rings provide relief. Because such a ring can increase the stability and stamina. Men and of course their partners, who regularly come too early during sex, also benefit from this.

But even if you don't have any problems with it, a cockring from JOYDIVISION will give you and your partner more fun in bed. The ring can make your penis harder and thus intensify your lust. Due to their tight fit around the testicles, penis rings also let you feel your body much more intensely. Dimensions of lust that man should have tried!

Are there any risks associated with a penis ring?

Well, there is indeed the danger that a cock ring from JOYDIVISION enriches your love life so much that you don't want to leave the bed. Apart from that, there are a few things you should consider if you want to use a penis ring. As much as a long-lasting erection may inspire you, in the long run a strong congestion of blood damages the vessels and can leave permanent damage. Therefore you should never wear the potency ring for more than 30 minutes at a time. To bridge the time, there are plenty of other love toys that will drive you crazy. For example, try a prostate vibrator for the ultimate kick!

If you feel numb or cold when wearing the ring in this area or if your best piece turns blue, remove the cockring quickly. Otherwise bruises could occur here.

It is at least as important that the penis ring has the right size for you. If the ring is too tight, it can be just as dangerous. And that's not the point.

What material are penis rings made of?

Penis rings are available in many different materials, from leather, silicone or metal. Because the ring should enclose nothing less than your best piece, the highest quality is of course required! And of course you get it from us.

The penis rings from JOYDIVISION are made of medical silicone and are therefore extremely flexible. Their flexibility reduces risks when using them and makes it easier for you to concentrate on the fun. Unlike the models made of metal, silicone rings are easy to put on and take off, even in the event of a fall. On top of that, with a cockring made of medical silicone, you are opting for a love toy that scores points for its body-friendly properties - another plus point. Moreover, medical silicone is wonderfully compatible with silicone- and water-based lubricants like our AQUAglide lubricant and our BIOglide lubricant.

How to find the right size for the penis ring?

The penis rings from JOYDIVISION are ergonomically shaped and therefore fit your penis perfectly. At the same time, they also fit particularly tightly - whether around the penis shaft or the testicles. To prevent circulatory problems, the penis ring must be the right size. Under no circumstances should the ring be too tight and pinch your manhood. If the penis ring is too wide, it will miss its function.

But how to find the right size? Especially in the beginning it is worth trying. For newcomers to the world of penis rings, the largest size is recommended to get used to the restrictive feeling. Piece by piece you can then get closer to the smaller sizes. That's why you get the penis rings from JOYDIVISION in a practical set that combines different sizes.

Especially uncomplicated you can increase your stamina and endurance with a potency ring from JOYDIVISION, where the size can be individually adjusted, as with our JOYDIVISION VARIOring. Start with these rings with a loose fit and gradually tighten them depending on their effect.

Which penis rings are available from JOYDIVISION?

Whether you just want to include your penis or tighten your testicles as well. Whether you want to pamper yourself additionally with nubs, look for a penis ring in the right size or a cock ring that adapts to you: From JOYDIVISION everyone finds the right ring:



How to put on the penis ring?

It is quite simple. As soon as the penis is erect, you put on the cock ring of JOYDIVSION and place it in the area of the root of the penis. Depending on which model you use, you will then have to tighten the loop to make it fit tightly. And then you can enjoy what comes next!


What is the best way to clean the penis ring?

Even the round dance is quickly done! With soap and water you can clean the ring after each use. The easiest way to clean it is with a special toy cleaner. clean'n'safe by JOYDIVISION cleans and decontaminates your toy in no time at all.