Prostate vibrators

The ultimate sex toy for men

What are you waiting for? Experience a climax you have never felt before! The prostate as a counterpart to the female G-spot gives you new possibilities for your sex life through pulsating stimulation – whether alone or during couple sex. A JOYDIVISION prostate vibrator heats you up powerfully.

The latest technology catapults men to undreamt-of heights and enriches sex with a new dimension!

  • Your advantages:

  • ► vibrator for men – provides incredible orgasms
  • ► for prostate, anal and perineum stimulation
    ► easy to clean
    ► can also be used hands-free
    ► Made in Germany

The prostate vibrator guide

What is the prostate?

Very few men are aware of what the prostate, also known as the prostate gland, is capable of. Hidden under the bladder and just as big as a chestnut, it usually ekes out an untouched existence. It can reach its peak and give you the orgasm of your life. The small, often neglected organ forms another male pleasure center – a kind of G-spot of the men. For this reason, the prostate is also affectionately called the P-spot, comparable to the female G-spot.

Actually, the prostate is involved in the formation of sperm and keeps the bladder closed. In addition, many sensitive nerve endings run here, so that a further erogenous zone opens up here in men. Men, regardless of their sexual orientation, are very receptive to anal touch and feel intense moments. There's nothing dirty about it, for most it's just an incredible feeling!

What is the benefit of prostate stimulation?

When stimulated, whether with fingers or a prostate vibrator, the ureters begin to pulsate and the prostate muscles contract. As a result, men feel gentle contractions in the area of the pelvic floor. If you pamper or let your penis be pampered during prostate stimulation, you will experience an orgasm of new intensity. This concerns the intensity of the feeling as well as the amount of sperm and centrifugal force.

How do I stimulate the prostate?

You can stimulate the P-point by either an inner or outer massage. An external massage gently strokes the sensitive area between the anus and the testicles. It is best to exert a different amount of pressure – this will make him lose his mind. The feeling is even more intense when you massage the prostate from the inside. You have to insert one or two fingers or a prostate vibrator into the anus. The changing pressure during the massage gives him unexpected feelings of pleasure.

Where do I find the prostate?

Whether you first try your fingers or take the prostate vibrator – for an orgasm-driving massage caution and sure instinct are required. The best way to find the P point is to use the anus as your starting point. The prostate is hidden about five to seven centimeters inside the anus at the front intestinal wall. Work your way towards the abdominal wall until you feel a soft ball. This is best done with a curved finger. Use enough anal lubricant for the first few times.

What do prostate vibrators do?

JOYDIVISION vibrators put ladies into sexual ecstasy, prostate vibrators are the sex toys for men. Due to their anatomical shape, they exert pressure directly on the P point inside the anus. The specially curved shape of the shaft is designed directly for stimulation of the prostate with or without vibration.

The other end prevents the sex toy from sliding completely into the anus and is often equipped with an additional stimulation arm. During the prostate massage, it pampers the perineum, the technical term for the sensitive perineum. In this way, a JOYDISION prostate vibrator brings you double fun!

How to use prostate vibrators?

When inserting JOYDIVSION prostate vibrators, lubricant provides sufficient moisture. Here our most popular lubricants BIOglide and AQUAglide offer you a huge selection. The best way to introduce the sex toy for men is when you are squatting or lying on your side.

With the sphincter muscle on your anus you will first encounter a resistance that you will overcome with a lot of lubricant, even more patience and maximum relaxation. Caution is a must in the anal area! If you are completely relaxed, the prostate vibrator XPANDER by JOYDIVISION glides all by itself into the anus. When you tighten the pelvic floor while the vibrator fills you up, you experience the ultimate kick.

The good thing about sex toys like a penis ring or vibrators: you can also play wonderfully with them as a couple. You can use the JOYDIVSION prostate vibrator XPANDER not only solo, but also directly during couple sex. Besides the pushes of the partner, the vibrator provides additional stimulation and lets you come especially hard.

What size should the prostate vibrator be?

Prostate vibrators are usually available in different model sizes. If the anal area is new territory for you, it's better to start with the smallest size and work your way up slowly.


What tips are there for beginners?

If you want to use a prostate vibrator, you should slowly approach the new game style. Important: Take your time, don't rush into anything and keep your moments undisturbed. The first time you try it, you'll have to get used to the foreign body feeling in your anus. That's why the first times don't feel the same for all men. To pre-stretch the sphincter muscle, you can also practice with an anal plug before the vibrator for the prostate gets its big appearance.

Avoid movements at the beginning and get familiar with the feeling of anal filling. The fun comes with time all by itself!

Are prostate vibrators also suitable for heterosexual men?

Absolutely! Anal and prostate stimulation works independently of sexual orientation. Either you like it or you don't! Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual or bi, it doesn't matter!

What about the hygiene during the prostate massage?

It is usually a little more "dirty" in the anal area than in other parts of the body. But normally it is sufficient to clean the anal region thoroughly under the shower. Maximum cleanliness is achieved by cleaning the anal region beforehand.

Otherwise, you can also pull a condom over the JOYDIVSION prostate vibrator. For disinfection it is recommended to use a toy cleaner like clean'n'safe.