Joystick Booster, black

prostate stimulator
The gentlemen's vibrator

Art. No. 15598
  • THE gentlemen‘s vibrator
  • Made in Germany
  • dermatologically tested
  • 5 year material guarantee
  • odourless and completely FREE of plasticizers
  • made of Silikomed® – suitable with all lubricants
  • powered with standard batteries
  • design for prostata and perineum stimulation
  • quiet and discreet
  • easy bullet removal through antivacuum technology

The Joystick "Booster" is the classic prostate vibrator with targeted stimulation! Its unique shape stimulates your perineum and prostate intensively and effectively.

It is odourless and completely FREE of plasticizers. The Joystick "Booster" lies wonderfully in the hand and bewitches your intimate area with its velvety soft surface made of skin-friendly medical Silikomed®. In 3 vibration levels from gentle to intense it pampers you skillfully to every secret pleasure point.

You alone determine the intensity – even under water!

diameter: 1.8 – 2.5 cm, length: 11 cm


44.50 €


Silikomed® (TPE)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You should always pay particular attention to hygiene and safe handling. For example, it is recommended to use lube, which must be compatible with your toy. Cleaning before and after use should also be included. In most cases it is sufficient to clean the toy with mild soap and warm water. However, disinfecting with a Toy Cleaner is also usually advisable. But you should also pay attention to the quality of the toy when buying it, because production seams or inferior material can damage you. Furthermore, you should not share your toys or use them with condoms, as diseases can be transmitted here as well. You should also avoid switching between vaginal and anal use or only use a condom when you change your toy.


Yes, because many manufacturers of toys actually recommend the use of lube in their instructions. However, there is only one restriction: never use toys that contain silicone or are made entirely of silicone with lubricants containing silicone. This will destroy the toys, as the silicone lube will dissolve the silicone out of the toys and make them unusable.

Silicones are the love toy materials of the future, because in principle they only have advantages and are superior to most other toy materials in many respects: Silicones are largely produced synthetically from natural raw materials and are therefore regarded as natural products.

In addition, silicones are physiologically very well tolerated (i.e. not harmful to health), non-toxic and food-safe, which is why they are also used for skin protection, cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery, as well as for baking moulds or in dentistry.

Silikomed® is a new type of plastic with many positive properties. It is easy to process and very kind to the skin. 

It contains no harmful substances such as plasticizers, is waterproof, mechanically resilient and therefore also successfully used in some other medical devices.

The material is also compatible with both water- and silicone-based lube.