Joystick Booster Pro, black

prostate stimulator
The gentlemen's vibrator

Art. No. 15599
  • The gentlemen‘s vibrator
  • Made in Germany
  • dermatologically + clinically tested
  • odourless and completely FREE of plasticizers
  • 5 year material guarantee
  • made of Silikomed® – suitable with all lubricants
  • powered with standard batteries
  • ergonomically shaped shaft
  • combination handle with structure for optimal perineum stimulation
  • easy bullet removal through antivacuum technology

Booster Pro – the easy to clean, easy to care for prostate Joystick from JOYDIVISION. The Booster Pro will massage and excite you in the exact area where the prostate is most sensitive. The special ergonomic design and three differing stimulation levels give you precise control opening the door to unprecedented, intense orgasms. Booster Pro is manufactured from only the highest quality medical Silikomed® – for unforgettable experiences.

diameter: 2 – 2,5 cm, length: 11.5 cm


51.40 €


Silikomed® (TPE)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Silikomed® is a new type of plastic with many positive properties. It is easy to process and very kind to the skin. 

It contains no harmful substances such as plasticizers, is waterproof, mechanically resilient and therefore also successfully used in some other medical devices.

The material is also compatible with both water- and silicone-based lubricants.

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