Stringless freedom for special situations

Don't let yourselves be deprived of your freedom during your period! 

With JOYDIVISION's Soft-Tampons you can do everything you want to do: sports, swimming, sauna – and even sexual intercourse. Unlike a conventional tampon, the soft version of JOYDIVISION doesn't have an annoying string and opens up new possibilities for you during your period. Enjoy your stringless freedom!

  • Your advantages:

► stringless tampons for sex, sports and spa
► easy to handle
► highest level of comfort
► dermatologically and clinically tested
► FREE of glyphosate
► Made in Europe

Our JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons recommendations

The Soft-Tampons Guide

Enjoy stringless freedom with Soft-Tampons, as millions of women have been doing for over 20 years. A pleasant wearing comfort and most of all discretion are guaranteed. Soft, flexible material, a low own weight and the integrated removal loop – these are the advantages of this lifestyle product compared to the conventional tampon with string. No string that rubs – and Soft-Tampons can be easily inserted and removed. Soft-Tampons make "uncomfortable days" as comfortable as possible! The wonderfully soft monthly hygiene that you won't notice at all.

What are Soft-Tampons?

In principle, they are a small pink menstrual sponges made of ultra-soft foam, usually shaped like a heart. The organic shape fits gently into the sensitive female anatomy and makes the Soft-Tampon application comfortable and intuitive.The indicated heart shape slims the period sponge at the tip for easy insertion. The two wings pulled down form a trough on the underside. There you put your finger on when you push the tampon to its place.

How does removal work?

Removing tampons without a string is also very easy: There is an integrated grip tab, which you can grip with just one finger, in order to remove the Soft-Tampon. If you prefer, you can also pull out the menstrual sponge with your index finger and thumb by pulling down one of the two wings.

JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons Frauenbeine

What are the advantages of Soft-Tampons?

The Original JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons are – as their name suggests – wonderfully soft and, on top of that, especially kind to the skin. Dermatological studies prove the excellent tolerability. The foam tampons are made of environmentally friendly material that deliberately avoids chemical additives that do not belong in intimate hygiene. Internal irritations are practically non-existent with Soft-Tampons. That is also confirmed by the Oeko-Tex standard, which they have. Your health will be more than happy! Advantages that also impress the users themselves. This was the result of a clinical study by Dermatest GmbH, which interviewed the test persons about the product. Already after the first application of Soft-Tampons, 75 percent of the women were convinced by the menstrual articles. 85 percent of the users rated the quality of the Soft-Tampons as good to very good.

Soft-Tampons usage

Their application is as soft as the tampons themselves. Here we have put together a Soft-Tampons guide for you.

JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons Verwendung

Instructions: Inserting the Soft-Tampons

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove product from packaging.
  3. Moisten: If you moisten the tampon with a small amount of lubricant or clean water, it will be even easier to insert. However, before inserting the tampon, squeeze out the water to maintain its absorbency.
  4. Take the optimum position for insertion: for example, sitting in a squatting position or on the toilet.
  5. Grab the side of the tampon with two fingers and press it together.
  6. Place your fingers in the trough on the underside and insert it like a conventional tampon. The menstrual sponge sits perfectly when it clings to the cervix.

Instructions: Removing the Soft-Tampons

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Take optimal position for removal: preferably squat with broad legs.
  3. Press a little so that the tampon is pressed out. This works best when it is full.
  4. Grasp the grip tab with one finger and pull out the tampon.

Das Original. Soft-Tampons mit Menstruationskalender

FAQ Soft-Tampons

Where can I buy the JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons?

Buying Soft-Tampons is very easy. The soft monthly hygiene is available in selected drugstores as well as in pharmacies and erotic shops.

How can the Soft-Tampons be removed if without a return string?

The tampon can be easily removed by pulling it out with your index finger or middle finger by the integrated grip straps. If it is still difficult to remove the vagina, we recommend that you squat down or sit on the toilet with your legs spread, as this will reduce the depth of the vagina from 9 to 10 cm to about 4 to 5 cm.

It is generally recommended to use the soft tampons on days with heavy bleeding, as a full tampon will then become very soft and can be easily pulled out. If the grip tab is not felt, simply form the index and middle fingers into "tweezers".

How long can I wear the Soft-Tampon?

The wearing period must be adapted to the strength of the period. On stronger days a change after 3 to 5 hours is recommended, on weaker days the Soft-Tampon can be worn for approx. 5 to 8 hours. After sexual intercourse without a condom, the tampon should be replaced immediately.

Can I accidentally remove the spiral with a Soft-Tampon?

Consult your gynaecologist before use if you are using a spiral with a slightly protruding return cord for contraception. As a rule, there is no risk of the spiral being accidentally pulled out with the tampon. However, experience has shown that minimal bleeding (commonly known as spotting) can cause the end of the thread to stick to the top of the tampon. Then the spiral can be accidentally pulled out when changing the tampon.