The tampon string just annoys you? With this period product this is now passé!

The tampon - it is our eternal companion. At least in the time between the first and the last period of our life. Even if we switch to other products from time to time during our existence as a woman, we know them all inside out - and so does he. A brief history lesson: As early as the 5th century, the Greek physician Hippocrates developed a kind of tampon consisting of a piece of wood wrapped in fabric. Hmm... Comfort sounds different, haha. Much later, in 1931, a doctor from Colorado, Earle Cleveland Haas, gave the first patent to the tampon we know him, with an insertion aid called "Tampax".

According to Adam Riese this means that for 89 years not only the cotton bundle itself has accompanied us, but also... its retrieval string aka thread! And as practical as it may be, it sometimes gets on our nerves. For example on the beach/at the spa/swimming pool or generally just always in a bikini. Then the girlfriend's controlling look has to go: "Can you please walk behind me and take a look? Sex is not possible either, because the tampon would otherwise be pushed so far into the mouth that it feels like it is coming out again. It's also cool if the string rubs or gets tangled up with the panties so that you feel a slight pull with every step.

Soft-Tampons can give us threadless freedom

Never heard of "Soft Tampons"?! Neither have we! Although we are familiar with the "menstrual sponge" from hearing-said, it was previously intended for us rather as a pure "interim solution" during sexual intercourse. However, this product from "JOYDIVISON" is really intended to replace the conventional tampon - without thread.

The product has even been around for 20 years, how the f*** did it pass us (and our friends) by?! It consists of an ultra-soft and absorbent foam with an indicated heart shape, which can be inserted easily and as usual.
The clou: the missing return string is "replaced" by an opening inside the soft tampon, which you can grip with one finger and pull out the soaked product. If this is no good, you can also simply grab a wing of the "heart" with your index finger and thumb and remove the tampon.
Even better: The Soft-Tampons are produced according to Oeko-Tex standards without chemical additives, which have no place underneath - so internal irritations are virtually impossible.

Sex, spa, sports, swimming - no problem

Because the Soft-Tampon is soft (who would have thought it), it virtually bounces during sex and is not pushed too far up - so you can simply leave it in during intimate hours and don't have a bloody awakening in the end. Hoooow nice! No thread chafes during sports and in a bikini you don't have to worry about it slipping out of your panties. It's not for nothing that this product is the world's number 1 for threadless tampon alternatives. You can find the Soft-Tampons in retail stores at Rossmann or dm, in pharmacies or in erotic shops, e.g. at Amorelie for 10,90 € in a pack of ten. Let's test asap!