Ben wa balls – Joyballs by JOYDIVISION

For pelvic floor strengthening and more fun during love play

Get your pelvic floor in shape with ben wa balls and have fun!

Who actually says that training must feel more strenuous than stimulating?

Joyballs playfully strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and bring you previously undiscovered sensations. This gives you more pleasure during love play, lets you and your partner feel more and is also good for your health.

  • Your advantages:

► discreet and whisper-quiet
 can be used with each lube
► FREE from plasticizers 
► dermatologically tested 
► single or double balls

► Made in Germany 

Ben Wa Balls guide

The colourful Joyballs already give you stimulating moments while training. Look forward to what the balls can do when you're alone with your partner! And best of all, the JOYDIVISION ben wa balls are so discreet that nobody notices anything, not even in the sauna.


JOYDIVISION Joyballs    

A strong pelvic floor for strong women: stimulating pelvic floor training with Joyballs

Joyballs are more than just another lovetoy. The ben wa balls from JOYDIVISION help you to train your pelvic floor. A well-trained pelvic floor is important for women to keep their bladder, intestines and uterus in place. With increasing age, during pregnancy and during childbirth, the musculature is put under enormous strain, so that such strain can lead to bladder weakness, among other things.

Pelvic floor training counteracts such complaints. Training with Joyballs is particularly easy. The ben wa balls made of Silikomed® are perfectly adapted to the female intimate area due to their shape and material and already make the training an experience. Instead of exhausting gymnastic exercises, you experience a tingling feeling in the vagina.

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Simply wear the Joyballs during your usual activities in everyday life. All you have to do is move normally. During your movements, the love balls gently massage your vagina, strengthening the pelvic floor. Nobody will notice your training sessions. Our Joyballs secret even have a patented stringless return loop for discreet carrying in the body!

You can find more about pelvic floor training here: "Pelvic floor training with ben wa balls".

► Here you can find 37 more exercises in our training book!

More desire, more feeling, more orgasm: with Joyballs you feel more of yourself

Ben wa balls, also known as kegel balls, love balls or jiggle balls, consist of at least one hollow ball on a string, inside which there is another metal ball. The Joyballs from JOYDIVISION offer you the choice between double balls and single balls.

Introduced into the vagina, the balls help you to better perceive your pelvic floor and strengthen your muscles. The Joyballs sit perfectly if you don't feel the balls. But as soon as you move, your vagina contracts to hold the love balls. This happens automatically to all women.

The pelvic floor training gradually strengthens the muscles and also increases the sensations during sex. The pelvic floor strengthened by Joyballs ensures that your partner perceives you as closer, and you also experience the penetration during the love play much more intensively. In addition, a strong pelvic floor makes it easier for you to come – the orgasm will roll over you!

The small balls can also give you a lot of joy during the love play itself. Just try it out and discover love in new facets with Joyballs.

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Joyballs kegel balls usage

Joyballs secret and Trend allow you fun and training in one. How does that work? Here are the instructions  for the correct use of ben wa balls.

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Clean Joyballs under warm water with mild soap.
  3. Carefully insert the Joyballs into the vagina. For better glide, you can also use a water- or silicone-based lubricant such as AQUAglide lube or BIOglide lube. The kegel balls sit correctly when you don't feel them when you' re at rest. The return loop of the balls should point downwards.
    Extra tip: The balls feel particularly pleasant if you have warmed them up with your hands before.
  4. For the pelvic floor training with the Joyballs it is sufficient if you move while sitting and standing. Ten minutes a day is enough for the start.
  5. Carefully remove the Joyballs with the retrieval loop.
  6. Clean Joyballs under warm water with mild soap. For a special hygienic result we recommend the clean'n'safe kegel balls cleaner.


JOYDIVISION Joyballs secret & trend

FAQ ben wa balls

What are ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are hollow balls that are lined up on a string and inside which are weights. They provide a gentle massage of the vagina – during foreplay, sex and pelvic floor training in everyday life.

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How do you use kegel balls?

There are no limits to your imagination when using loveballs. You can use the balls directly during sex or also during foreplay to get in the mood, to get on the right track. Or you can use the balls during normal everyday activities to train your pelvic floor: Insert and hold love balls.

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What do be wa balls do?

By wearing ben wa balls, women strengthen their pelvic floor. As soon as you move, when you carry the balls, your vagina contracts to hold the balls inside you. Training with kegel balls teaches you to better perceive and target the pelvic floor muscles. In this way the balls help you to reach orgasm faster and easier. Your partner will experience penetration more intensely during love play because you feel "tighter".

If you use kegel balls during pregnancy, pelvic floor training makes the birth process easier for you, because the pelvic floor is exposed to enormous stress during birth. After birth, the balls help you to regress.

How do ben wa balls help against pelvic floor weakness?

Due to the weight and the foreign body feeling of the kegel balls in your vagina, you have to permanently tighten your pelvic floor so that the ball does not slip out. These contractions strengthen the muscles.

The kegel balls are slipping out. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you've inserted the kegel balls deep enough. Take a relaxed position.

If your pelvic floor is still untrained, the ben wa balls may also slip out of the vagina. The more trained the muscles, the less often the balls slip out of the vagina. Try to tighten your pelvic floor and keep the kegel balls in place. In the beginning you might only succeed for a short moment. But with regular training sessions you will be able to keep the balls longer and longer.

Sometimes the different anatomy of women is also responsible for the slipping out. Small women in particular sometimes have problems with several balls. In this case you should try the Joyballs single.

"Help! Help! My ben wa balls are slipping out!"

How long can you wear ben wa balls?

In principle, you can wear ben wa balls as long as it feels comfortable to you. To begin with, about ten minutes are enough, which you can gradually extend to several hours. You can wear the balls during everyday activities without noticing the other.

JOYDIVISION Joyballs Anwendung

What is the difference between Joyballs Trend and Joyballs secret?

Joyballs Trend and Joyballs secret are love balls made of medical Silikomed® by JOYDIVISION, whose skin compatibility has been proven in numerous tests. Joyballs Trend are equipped with a secure return loop so that the balls can be easily removed. In contrast, Joyballs secret have a very short return loop. This makes them the most discreet kegel balls in the world. In addition, the balls are whisper-quiet and 100 percent invisible – so nobody will notice your training sessions!

Both the Trend and the secret version are available as double and single balls, the latter are marked as Joyballs single.

Can I use Joyballs during and after pregnancy?

Ask your gynaecologist or your midwife if there is a reason why you should not use the Joyballs, and check out our guide "Loveballs after pregnancy".

What are Joyballs from JOYDIVISION made of?

All Joyballs are made of particularly skin-friendly Silikomed®. They have been dermatologically and clinically tested.

What's the best way to clean ben wa balls?

You should clean your ben wa balls both before and after use. Warm water and a mild soap are enough. For a more intensive care and disinfection we can recommend our clean'n'safe kegel balls cleaner.

You can find general care instructions for love toys here: "Clean your sextoy! So you can enjoy your sextoy for a long time!"