Ben wa balls while doing sports

Can you wear ben wa balls while exercising?

Yes you can! And we'll show you here what to consider and why you should do it.

Whether it be cycling, riding or fitness, it is actually possible to wear love balls and it is even twice as effective.

The pelvic floor is already trained by ben wa balls, but in combination with classical sports your success is even faster.


Why should you even wear love balls while exercising?

The pelvic floor training helps to train the muscles of the pelvic floor. As with any other muscle group, this is possible. However, a specific training of the pelvic floor muscles is difficult for many people because these muscles are "invisible" hidden inside the body.

An untrained or insufficiently trained pelvic floor can lead to a variety of problems for women. After childbirth, pelvic floor training helps to strengthen the heavily strained and stretched pelvic floor. However, pelvic floor training also has a preventive effect.

A correct and regular pelvic floor training enables the strengthening and tightening of the pelvic floor muscles and thus serves, for example, the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases as a result of pelvic floor weakness, such as urinary incontinence.

AND!!!! Orgasms become more intense and the sex feels better. You can find out why in our guidebook guide text „ben wa balls during sex = more orgasms?.



But the string bothers me!

Hoops you can see the string in the tight hot pants or it rubs unpleasantly! Nobody wants that!
Just to avoid this, the innovative patented stringless Joyballs secret were developed, where the return loop is worn in the body. So you can do sports without hesitation even in tightest clothes and no one will see anything of your little secret.


Does it sore muscles?

Yes, so please don't wonder. The pelvic floor muscle is like any other muscle and unusual training can lead to muscle soreness. We are simply not used to feel such pain there. But that passes and should animate, because you feel that something is happening.


Aren't the love balls make any noise while exercising?

In fact, there are cheap love balls e.g. from the Far East everyone will notice when exercising next to you. We can recommend the Joyballs, because they are whisper quiet thanks to the inner structure and super suitable for undisturbed training.


During which sports do you prefer not to wear love balls?

In general, there are sports that tend to strain the pelvic floor rather than train it. These are all sports that involve intense upward and downward movements (e.g. jogging and cantering). It may be uncomfortable to carry the loveballs, but you should decide for yourself.

It is important for all sports that you can hold the balls generally, if this is not yet the case, we recommend short training sessions at home, perhaps while brushing your teeth or doing housework. If you can hold the love ball without any problems, then nothing stands in the way of combining it with your favourite sports.

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