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A lube for women belongs in every drawer!

Even though many women don't know it, lube makes sex better. Many factors – and we are not talking about listlessness – can lead to a dry vagina. In most cases, women just endure it. They accept an unpleasant feeling and perhaps even pain during sex. The solution is so obvious: a lube for women that leaves a pleasant film in the erogenous zone, reduces friction and intensifies feelings. We recommend e.g. AQUAglide sensitive in the practical pump dispenser.


More female lust with the right lube

If your interest is aroused, it is recommended to get a proven lube in the pharmacy or online and to test it during the masturbation. Create a relaxed atmosphere, moisten your vagina with some lubricant and let the feeling work on you. No matter if you are satisfied with your hand or a toy, you will notice that it is different and beautiful.

If you are enthusiastic about it, then it is now time to bring your experiences into the common love play. If you have a type of man you cannot entrust yourself to because the desire to integrate lubricant into the love play could offend him in his male honour, then you can give him the following arguments:


Lubricant for women – it can help you in these situations

I am not dry because I am listless, but these can be reasons ...

... I have hormone fluctuations

... I have stress

... I have mental problems

... I'm in the menopause

... I take hormonal contraceptives (e.g. micro pill can lead to dryness)

... I have high blood pressure or some other disease

... my high consumption of alcohol or tobacco is to blame

There can be so many reasons for vaginal dryness that you don't have to be ashamed of. Especially women in the menopause or after and during pregnancy are affected. The vagina is a very complex organ and, as already mentioned, there can be many reasons why it is not sufficiently supplied with blood.


Lube for women is more than just fun

If the vaginal skin is too dry, painful tears often occur during sexual intercourse. Pathogenic germs can also cause infections more easily.
A lubricant prevents small wounds from developing and also cares for the sensitive mucous membranes.

If the dryness is to be accompanied by persistent pain or itching, however, it is important to see a doctor and have the causes clarified.



Whether just for fun or because you need to help the moisture a little, a lube for women enriches the love life. Many women report even more intense feelings thanks to a good lubricant.

Away from supposed listlessness, love is what it's all about now.