Lube and massage oil, massage and lubricant cream? What can combination products work for?

First of all: Combination products for the whole body made of oil - which are also used vaginally - are very rare! If it is an oil, such as BIOglide 2in1 lubricant & massage oil, please make sure that it is a medical product specially developed for the sensitive female mucous membranes. 

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When we talk about massage and lubricant cream, we usually mean lubricant gel with special massage properties. The Massage + Glide products of the AQUAglide series, for example, are absolutely oil-free and easy to wash off, and even so, they have a smooth caring texture that offers ideal massage properties.


Relaxation improves your health

A massage is the ideal way to relax, release muscular tension, regain fresh energy and harmonize body and mind, and also to create erotic situations.

The massage stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system and stimulates the release of the happiness hormone oxytocin. The hormone not only brightens the mood, but also counteracts the formation of the stress hormone adrenaline.


The classic massage uses 5 different massage techniques:

- Effleurage – warming and calming effect
- Kneading (Petrissage) – relieves tensions
- Friction – stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain
- Knocking (tapotement) – activates the muscles, relieves tensions
- Vibration – has a relaxing and calming effect

JOYDIVISION Massage WarmUP & AQUAglide


Heat has a relaxing effect; the room temperature should be about 22 to 28 degrees. Quiet music in the background and the lighting of a Femme Fatale massage candle create a pleasant atmosphere. The bio massage oil BIOglide 2in1 mentioned at the beginning is recommended as glide and massage oil.

The person to be massaged should lie on a solid surface. To relieve the surrounding musculature, small flat pillows or rolls can be placed under the feet, knees and neck.

Start the massage:

It is best to start the massage at the point furthest away from the heart. In a full body massage, you start at the right foot, then massage the left foot and work your way over the lower legs, thighs always alternating right left to the edge of the pelvis. Amateurs should avoid the sensitive abdominal area during a full body massage.

Tips for the shoulder and neck area:

In this case, the massage should take place while sitting. Strokes from the head downwards and light kneading grips with both hands away from the spine towards the shoulder are best. Attention: the cervical spine is a very sensitive area, only massage gently, never on the vertebrae!

Tips for the back:

To relieve the pressure on the ankles in the prone position, you can push a small roll or a rolled up towel under the instep. Never massage directly on the spine. On the muscle strands to the right and left of the spine, however, you can work with more pressure, for example by pushing the ball of your hand from top to bottom, omitting the kidney area!

Tips for head and face:

The face and head are particularly sensitive, therefore only use strokes and gentle kneading with the fingertips. One should always start with both hands in the middle of the face and then stroke both hands outwards over the ear to the forehead.

Tips for hands and arms:

All massage techniques such as kneading and stroking are possible here. Make sure that the treated person's arm is loose and not stretched or held. Hold the hand in your hand and swing the arm gently back and forth until the arm feels heavy. Stroke gently over arteries and veins that are just below the surface of the skin, the crook of the arm is also sensitive. Massage the arm upwards from the wrist.

Tips for the feet:

During the foot massage, stronger pressure can be exerted. Too light a touch can tickle, which is unpleasant. Use only very little glide and massage oil, otherwise the feet become too slippery.

Tips for warmth:

Warm temperatures also relax. That's why it is pleasant to cover the areas that have not just been massaged. The warming massage oil WARMup has a very special effect. The massage product is wellness for the senses. You apply it and it immediately unfolds a pleasant warmth, which is intensified by breathing on it.

Side effect:

In addition to physical relaxation, a massage also provides psychological relaxation and one generally becomes more sensitive to being touched. In this way even stressful phases of life can be overcome more easily and in a more positive way for your health. And not to forget the erotic mood that can arise.

Tips for below the belt:

An intimate massage can be a wonderful end to the wellness program and a completely new experience for couples. The glide and massage oil is already waiting and provides the prerequisite for everything to be pleasantly moisturised. As with the rest of the body, intimate massage with a suitable product is much more intensive and pleasant.

A lubricant and massage oil is the ideal gift to revive a relationship. It is the loving beginning to take more time for physical love.