Vagina lube and whatever you always wanted to know!

Does a vagina need lube? If you ask the men of this world, then no!

Because all of these species are supertypes that your wife is supposed to get wet all the time. But don't let them talk you into something like that. The why do we explain to you in the following text.


Test your vagina with lube

Even if you get wet without any problems, this process takes place inside first, but what if your partner stimulates you externally beforehand? A woman's vaginal area is lined with thousands of nerve endings and is also very thin-skinned, which is why there are said to be cases in which women have lost their sexual mood due to dry friction. Test for yourself how it feels when you stimulate your clitoris with some lubricant on your finger! This pleasantly gliding film can lead to completely new stimuli. A back massage is much more effective with the right massage oil than without.


Alternatives to lube - better not!

Again and again opinions circulate in the net that lubricant is unnecessary and yet it also does Vaseline or spit. No please don't do it and we explain here why:

Water displaces the body's own fluids and dries out in the process. So absolutely unsuitable for gliding.

Spit only fulfils its purpose for a short time and is not completely harmless, because bacteria from open wounds in the mouth or infections are distributed very quickly.

Shower gels consist of ingredients that can cause allergies or severe infections in the vaginal area.

Bodylotion: also applies here - please do not use during sex. Body lotions have chemical additives that are not to be found on the vagina and can cause burning and painful irritations in the intimate area. They can also make condoms porous and leaky.

Oils, vaseline and milking fat: all oil-based products (such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, vaseline etc.) are taboo. Oils are difficult to wash out and can even become rancid in the vagina, upsetting the vaginal pH.

No one wants a sore and itchy vagina! So don't touch it. Products that dry out the vagina can increase the risk of skin irritation and inflammation. And with it the risk of HIV infection (International Family Planning Perspectives: Kun, 1998). Once the vaginal environment is out of balance, disease-causing bacteria unfortunately have an easy time of it. Lubricants were not adapted to the vaginal pH value for nothing, tested on condoms and the ingredients adapted in such a way that they serve the ideal humidification.

According to the study, 40% of women who used vaseline as a lubricant suffered from vaginosis (pathological imbalance of the vaginal flora with white homogeneous discharge, fishy odor, itching and pain during sexual intercourse and urination). Vaseline extracts water from the sensitive skin inside the vagina and the natural secretion consisting of water can no longer do its job as a bacteria killer.


Can the vagina be too wet?

No matter how wet or not you are, every woman is different and as long as the vaginal secretion is a clear fluid, the amount and consistency doesn't matter.

If the friction is reduced by too much fluid, a change of position or a short interruption with intensive body kisses can help. But consider yourself lucky, because it's better to be too moist than too dry. A research team in the USA found out that women prefer to have sex when it's wet rather than dry - they can then also reach orgasm more easily (The journal of sexual medicine: Jozkowski et al., 2013).

Orgasmus leicht gemacht

Does the man also have natural lube available?

Men also produce small amounts of lubricant. This is known as the "pleasure drop". However, nature has not intended this pleasure drop as a lubricant, but as a urethral cleaner, so that the sperm can do their job with full power and not be slowed down by acid urine residues.


Vagina, lube and tongue!

Oral sex is the sex booster at all, but do vagina, lubricant and tongue get along? Best if you take care to use a food-safe lubricant. The AQUAglide product family has delicate water-based lubricants in its range. There is something for every taste: vanilla, strawberry, cherry, raspberryand exotic.

Don't be surprised, lubricating gel tastes very sweet and that's not because it contains sugar, but vegetarian glycerine. This carbohydrate maintains skin moisture in the vagina and also tastes good. So it is a multi-oral wonder.

Result: Vagina and lube are a perfect team. If you haven't tried it yet, it's time. We look forward to your feedback and experience on this topic. Even our team of experts can still learn something new.