Increase of pleasure

To support sexual energy

Stimulate or excite? The main thing is stimulation! Stimulating gel promises erotic pleasures that will transport you to the seventh heaven of lust. The high quality ingredients that have long been known for their stimulating abilities are combined in the JOYDIVISION formula to form an effective stimulating cream that lets you discover new sides of lust – alone or together, for women or men.

  • Your advantages:

► care and stimulation in one product
► available for women and men
► selected ingredients  
► dermatologically & clinically tested
► Made with Love in Germany

The stimulating gel guide

What is a stimulating gel?

A stimulating gel is a cosmetic product that can support your sexuality in a gentle way. Thanks to its selected ingredients, a stimulating gel provides you a new source of pleasure and brings more fun during sex for you and your partner.

Besides stimulating gels for women, JOYDIVISION also offers stimulating gels for men.

What is the benefit of a stimulating gel?

That depends – in best case a climax! Stimulating gels usually contain active ingredients that have been known and used for centuries for their aphrodisiac properties. In a stimulating cream they provide sensual moments that enrich your horizon of experience with new stimuli. It brings variety and a fresh breeze into your bedroom or wherever you are having fun. Your love life makes a stimulating gel so exciting and intense.

The gel can increase your desire and make you more sensitive to your partner's touch. On top of that, stimulants for women bring them closer to orgasm and thus turn out to be an orgasm cream.


What is the effect of an orgasm cream?

A stimulating gel promotes blood circulation in the genital area. Touches, cuddles, kisses and caresses have a much more intensive effect and ignite a firework of lust. To get into the right mood, a WARMup gel is also recommended.

JOYDIVISION stimulating cream also combines stimulating and caring properties. The massage with the gel pampers the intimate area with rich care substances and quickly the massage turns into a true rain of love culminating in orgasm.

How do I use a stimulating gel?

With an orgasm cream the orgasm heaven is so close. The application of stimulating gels is very easy: Take a pea-sized blob out of the tube, apply it, let it soak in and start whatever you feel like.

Important: Even if a stimulating gel heats you up from the inside, it is always intended for external use only.

Where do I apply the stimulating gel?

Stimulants act inwardly on your pleasure centre, but are only applied to the outer genital area.

The orgasm cream achieves particularly pleasurable moments on your clitoris. Of course, your partner can also do the application.

Is a stimulating gel also suitable for solo sex?

Of course! With the stimulating products of JOYDIVISION there are no limits to your imagination. Such a gel will not only get you going as a couple. Of course you can also use the stimulation gel for masturbation and get some stimulating moments.

And you are not necessarily alone during solo sex. A stimulation gel for women finds excellent partners during solo sex when using sextoys.

Does the stimulating gel for women also have gliding properties?

Neither the stimulating gel for women nor a stimulating gel for men comes close in its properties to lubricants that let you slide into each other properly. Stimulating gel is used solely for stimulation. For more lubrication in the genital area, try our most popular lubricants BIOglide and AQUAglide.

Are stimulation gels medical devices?

No, a stimulating gel can only support you while making love. They do not have the effect of a medical device. The JOYDIVSION stimulation products are cosmetic products that care and stimulate.

Is a JOYDIVSION stimulation cream compatible with condoms?

Once you have started the fireworks of passion with a stimulating gel from JOYDIVSION, it often cannot happen fast enough. You want to feel and be close to each other. But before you can get started, the question of contraception must first be clarified!

Unfortunately not every stimulating gel is compatible with condoms. In this case, simultaneous contraception and stimulation won't work, because you usually can't use the lubricant at the same time as condoms. However, this does not apply to every stimulation gel. On the contrary: some products do not harm your latex condoms. You can find out more in the package insert of the individual gels.

What is the shelf life of stimulating gels?

Unopened, the JOYDIVISION gels have a shelf life of about three years. Once you have opened the packaging, stimulating gels can usually be kept for one year. But the package leaflet will tell you more here too. By then you will have sufficiently convinced yourself of the tingling effect of the gel, so that you will certainly enjoy your next tube of JOYDIVISION stimulating gel!