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Prostate Orgasm – Man's G-spot

According to Charlie Glickman, author of "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure", never before so many men have been open to prostate stimulation.…

Lubricant and massage oil, massage and lubricant cream? What can combination products work for?

First of all: Combination products for the whole body made of oil - which are also used vaginally - are very rare! If it is an oil, such as BIOglide…

Vagina lubricant and whatever you always wanted to know!

Does a vagina need lubricant? If you ask the men of this world, then no!

Because all of these species are supertypes that your wife is supposed to…

Tampons Sauna Faupax?

First of all: the cosy warmth can have a very positive effect on menstrual complaints. It is for good reason that many women use a warm pillow for…

Easy orgasm!

Sharing an orgasm together is the highest and most romantic goal for many couples, but of course it shouldn't become a competitive sport. After all,…

Love for the environment with BIOglide!

Since the middle of the 20th century, the global increase in carbon dioxide has more than tripled. The increase in CO2 particles means that less and…

Using loveballs while doing sports

Can you wear loveballs while exercising?

Yes you can! And we'll show you here what to consider and why you should do it.

Whether it be cycling,…

liebeskugeln beim sport
Swimming with a tampon – what to consider?

It's time again. You have your rule and would like to pursue your leisure activities without restrictions. Back in school you might have liked to be…

A lubricant for women, belongs in every drawer!

Even though many women don't know it, lubricant makes sex better. Many factors – and we are not talking about listlessness – can lead to a dry vagina.…

sliding gel for women
Loveballs against incontinence

The pelvic floor muscles do great things, but in old age and even after pregnancy, they may be exhausted. The consequences are unpleasant and very…

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