Advantages of Soft-Tampons over conventional tampons and pads

Comparison: Advantages and disadvantages of Soft-Tampons with other menstrual products.


Advantages of Soft-Tampons compared to conventional tampons and pads:

  1. Discretion: Soft-Tampons are particularly discreet as they have no strings or wings and are therefore not visible under clothing. It is also an advantage in the sauna if no annoying ribbon is visible.
  2. Hygiene: They have been specially developed to be worn during sexual intercourse; stringless and flexible, they are perfect for hygienic intimate intercourse. However, it is recommended to insert a new Soft-Tampon after intercourse to avoid possible infections.
  3. Comfort: Soft-Tampons are softer and more flexible than conventional tampons and pads and are therefore much more comfortable to wear. The anatomical shape also ensures that JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons adapt particularly well to the body.
  4. No odor or moisture build-up: Because Soft-Tampons are made from special materials, there are fewer odors and a pleasantly dry feeling.
  5. Ideal for sports: Soft-Tampons can also be worn during sports or swimming as they are particularly well adapted to the body and do not shift.
  6. Alternative: Soft-Tampons are particularly comfortable for women who experience discomfort such as dryness or irritation when wearing conventional tampons.



Disadvantages of soft tampons compared to other menstrual products:

  1. Single use: Soft-Tampons are generally intended for single use and cannot be washed and reused like menstrual cups.
  2. Takes some getting used to: As the Soft-Tampon is inserted and removed differently to conventional tampons, it may take some practice at first to place it correctly.
  3. Not suitable for everyone: Soft-Tampons may not be suitable for women with heavy bleeding or certain vaginal problems. Women with certain health problems or sensitivities should speak to a doctor before use.
  4. Cost: Soft-Tampons are generally more expensive than conventional tampons and pads, which can be a disadvantage for some women. We therefore recommend them as an alternative for special moments.They are not intended to replace conventional menstrual products.