Erogenous zones - where are they located?

Erogenous zones exist in both men and women. Find out where you can find them and how you can increase your pleasure here. Always well informed with the JOYDIVISION guide.

What are erogenous zones?

The erogenous zones are parts of the body that have a particularly large number of nerve endings and can arouse desire and lust when touched. It's worth exploring these areas with your partner and incorporating them into foreplay.

Where are the erogenous zones in women?

If you look at a woman's body as a map, there are places that are particularly beautiful and that need to be pampered. We would like to take you on a journey and show you the most beautiful places. You've probably already been to many of them, but there are still secret spots.

Neck and nape of the neck: The skin is particularly thin here, which is why the neck and the hollow of the collarbones are especially sensitive to touch. These areas are ideal to begin the erotic journey. Goosebumps are pre-programmed in these erogenous zones. You can activate these hotspots very well with light kissing and breathing on them.

Inside the arms: Thousands of nerve endings are also located on the inside of the arms and wrists, and when these are caressed tenderly and lovingly, an erotic mood is inevitable. You can work your way up to the armpits with kisses and be curious to see how women react. The erogenous zone "armpit" is often neglected, but it is exciting to find out whether you can also press this pleasure point on your partner.

Centre of the body: Starting at the belly button, which you slowly circle, you can continue the eroticisation with a massage. We recommend the warming massage fluid WARMup in different flavours. The great thing about this fluid is that you can also lick it off your body and thus pamper your belly with your tongue.

Breasts: The most obvious hotspots are the breasts. Hard to miss, they literally invite you to climb them. But here, too, you should start slowly, because the subtle touches that begin at the décolleté slowly increase the pleasure. If you then work your way up to the nipples and circle them with your tongue and also suck on them a little, some women are said to reach nipple orgasm.

Butt: Unfortunately, the butt are often neglected during an erotic massage, although many highly sensitive nerve points are located here. To the left and right of the sacrum are also exciting reflex points that you can devote yourself to. And be brave and see how your lover reacts when you tenderly approach the anus with your finger. If you experiment with some lubricant like BIOglide anal in this, for many unfortunately forbidden, place, it can give you completely new erotic impulses.

Feet: Often underestimated, but definitely worth a tour. There are a lot of nerve endings on the feet and even though many are very ticklish there, with a lot of feeling and the right technique, an exciting journey can begin.

Vagina: Here you have arrived at the centre of pleasure and the destination of your journey. But you should not travel here directly, but visit the many spots mentioned on the way. Try to increase blood flow throughout the vagina. Caress the mons veneris and the labia minora and labia majora. Run your fingers inside the vagina and massage the inner vaginal wall. The vaginal entrance is very sensitive and grateful for every touch. When you feel the wetness, gently push the foreskin up over the clitoris and gently circle the clitoris with constant pressure.

Clit: When you go here, we recommend using a lubricant like AQUAglide. Be careful with the pleasure spot, because it is so sensitive that too much treatment can also hurt. Only when the woman signals that you can treat it more intensively, you can go for it more intensively.

Where are the erogenous zones in men?

Men also want to be explored and not just erotically reduced to one part of the body. Even if this one always stands out in particular!

Earlobes: Besides lightly nibbling on the earlobes, men love it when you whisper dirty things in your ear. Why not tell him hot stories about a love number on the beach?

Neck: Very few people have heard that the Adam's apple is supposed to be directly connected to the sexual organ. It would be interesting to see how your lover reacts when you caress and kiss this area.

V muscle: This muscle runs along the side of the abdomen and from there into the genital area. Not only does this one make a man feel sexy, but he's sure to find it sexy when she tugs on it too!

Nipples: Men are also very sensitive to the nipples and a light nibble and lick on the nipples could also lead to an exciting result here.

Perineum: This area lies between the testicles and the anus and is very sensitive and quite receptive to tender touches. A light pressure in the direction of the anus also stimulates the prostate externally.

Testicles: Simply enclosing the balls from below with your whole hand and massaging them very gently could drive him crazy.

Penis shaft: And if you then grasp the shaft with one hand and calmly squeeze a little, he could go crazy with pleasure.

F-Spot: This refers to the frenulum (foreskin frenulum), to which you can happily devote a few minutes. During the blow job, run your tongue over it very slowly and continue your oral pampering programme around the glans. And you've already explored two erogenous zones.

What can I do with the erogenous zones (e.g. massage, lick etc.)

There are no limits to your imagination: you can lick, kiss, breathe on, massage and even lightly tap. What is important is the exchange with your partner.

If a woman loves to have her nipples sucked, her partner may not like it at all. Unfortunately, you can't make conclusions about this topic based on your own experience. But if you first go on a journey to the erogenous zones, you will quickly find out what the other person lik