Soothing massage and wellness tips for couples

No one has ever turned down a massage, and if they did, it was probably just due to the wrong technique or perhaps an unsuitable massage oil? We would like to give you a few tips on what you can do to make your wellness trip a complete success. And you can be more mindful of each other as a couple.

1. banish all stress and create a wellness atmosphere

A mobile phone ringing or looking at work documents only interrupts a wellness trip unnecessarily. It is important that you plan everything well so that you can enjoy the wellness trip without stress. Draw the curtains, switch off your mobile phone and, if possible, the doorbell. Prepare a pleasant atmosphere for yourselves and lay out everything you need, such as towels, massage oil (we love the warming WARMup, by the way, but more on that later) and candles. Decide together on some chilling music that will help you both relax. It's always stupid when you have to run off in between because something is missing.

2. Give each other a smile and let your body, mind and soul do the talking.

Look at each other, be aware of each other with every fibre of your body. Give each other a smile as often as possible. Whisper compliments in your partner's ear. This helps to relax, because many people can't let themselves go because they are unhappy with their bodies, but if your partner always makes you feel that everything is perfect, it is easier to let go.

Ask your partner in between if the way you are massaging is comfortable and which parts you should concentrate on.

3. Heat up and pamper your skin with massage oil.

No one wants to be massaged outside in the Arctic, so make sure the temperature in your wellness temple is comfortable. And now a particularly hot tip, use a massage liquid that warms up on the skin and thus provides an additional warm shower. WARMup, the warming massage liquid in fragrances and flavours ranging from strawberry to cherry and caramel, has a pleasant warming effect that is intensified by gently breathing on the body parts.

4. fill up with oxygen and feel the massage benefit with every fibre of your body.

During a massage it is important to breathe deeply. This loosens the muscles and relaxes you even more. Make sure you breathe deeply into your belly, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

5. Round off, come back, enjoy and finish the wellness adventure.

Give yourselves at least 10 minutes afterwards to caress and reflect. Think about what was particularly good and what you could possibly do without.
Drink something so that the waste products are transported out of the body. And then just be there for a moment and try to hold a meditative state for a moment.

We are curious about your experience and look forward to your feedback. We would also be happy to hear how you liked the warming effect of WARMup.