Why are love balls good for the pelvic floor?

Ever thought about wearing love balls (or also called pelvic floor training balls) while walking or cleaning? You're laughing! It's serious, because the inner ball causes rotation when you move, which makes your pelvic floor muscles contract.

And each of these contractions is like a little work out. In principle, you are doing almost nothing, but you are doing your pelvic floor muscles good.

The movement alone when you walk ensures that the muscles inside you are strengthened.

Even if you don't see the muscles, like a six-pack for example, they are extremely important, because the pelvic floor...

... keeps the internal organs in place

... prevents incontinence

... makes sex feel more intense

... even helps during childbirth

... prevents back pain and tension in the neck

So it's time to make friends with the topic of pelvic floor training, because you can achieve a lot with just a little effort.

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