What are ben wa balls? Sextoy or sports equipment - we enlighten!

Almost everyone has heard of ben wa balls, vaginal balls or even love beads and perhaps smiled about them. But what and how important ben wa balls really are, we explain to you here. With a little patience they can spice up your love life and also protect you from unpleasant incontinence.

What are ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are basically small weights for the vagina. Ben wa balls are both sex toys and sports equipment. They train your pelvic floor muscles, which on the one hand protects you from e.g. incontinence, but on the other hand a well-trained pelvic floor also ensures better orgasms. Ben wa balls are a multifunctional tool, which you should take a closer look at here and hopefully you will soon find them in your drawer.

The best thing about the love balls: they have no side effects whatsoever! You can use them without worries as a supplement to the training of the pelvic floor. The only thing that can happen is that you get a vaginal muscle ache if you train too much.

Since when have love balls been around and where do they originally come from?

About 3000 years ago: The origin of love balls can be found in Japan.  The traditional Japanese name for love balls is Rin-no-tama or Ben-wa and means "ringing bells". As life expectancy in earlier times was very low, many women had their first child early and tried to restore their sexual attractiveness as quickly as possible by training with love beads in order to produce many offspring.

But even back then, ben wa balls were also considered small pieces of jewellery and were usually made of jade or semi-precious stones in egg shape. The traditional Japanese version consisted of three hollow silver spheres connected by small chains. The largest ball was introduced first and was empty, as it basically only served to hold the other two balls in place. The second ball was filled with mercury and, if placed correctly, was at the height of the G-spot to stimulate it precisely. The third and smallest ball was then placed exactly at the vaginal entrance and had a small ball of lead or iron inside. These metal balls, together with the mercury filling of the second ball, caused vibrations. Fortunately, highly harmful components such as lead or mercury were then replaced by more skin-friendly materials.

About 250 years ago: France, the land of sensuality, was one of the first European countries to use the geisha balls - people there were already taking a liking to the pleasure beads in the 18th century.

Application for pleasure and medical benefits

About 70 years ago: That people in other regions of the world are also familiar with the effect of ben wa balls without ever having heard of ben wa balls per se was discovered by the Californian doctor Arnold Kegel during a research trip in the 1940s. The women of a South African indigenous tribe used nuts as natural love balls and trained their intimate muscles after giving birth.

He also observed that the women of this tribe were almost never incontinent. He thus established a connection between this native "custom" and the regression of the pelvic floor muscle and that this could prevent incontinence immediately after the birth of a child and also later. And he was right, as his documented studies proved.

From this observation, the physician developed his now world-famous pelvic floor training. Training with the medical love balls is still a recognized training method today. Here "pelvic floor training with ben wa balls" you can learn more about this topic.

During his studies, Dr. Arnold Henry Kegel discovered another very pleasant side effect: Many of the women examined reported after the training that their sexual sensation had become more sensitive, that they felt they enjoyed sex more and in some cases the test subjects stated that they were allowed to experience orgasm for the first time in their lives after starting the pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor exercises therefore not only have the effect of narrowing the vagina and preventing incontinence, but also as a pleasant side effect of increasing the pleasure of sex. Our guide "Ben Wa balls during sex" provides you with even more sexy information.

What should you look for when buying kegel balls?

Mostly kegel balls consist of hollow spheres made of plastic or metal, inside of which there is another ball which represents the weight. This inner ball rotates when walking. The ben wa balls from JOYDIVISION are all very quiet. The Joyballs secret are additionally equipped with small nubs inside, which create the trampoline effect.
Kegel balls are available in different designs. They are available individually or as 2 to 3 balls connected with a flexible band. Mostly a return ribbon is included.

Depending on your level of training, beginners should choose a lighter ball. This is then usually a single ball with a return loop. With advanced training you can then switch to a heavier ball. This can either simply have a heavier inner ball or consist of two connected balls. There can also be differences in the return loops. For example, you can carry the Joyballs secret well on the way, because they have a shorter loop, which is worn inside the body and does not disturb. You should therefore consider where and during which activities you want to wear your kegel balls.

You should also make sure that the balls do not have any production seams or sharp edges when you buy them, otherwise there is a high risk of injury. In addition, the bands to which the balls are connected should be coated with silicone, for example, so that hygienic cleaning is possible.
You should also ask yourself what material your ben wa balls should be made of, for example plastic, silicone or metal.

If you should decide on plastic, please do not buy cheap products from China, as these often contain softeners that are harmful to the body. We also recommend Joyballs, as they are manufactured under strict controls "Made in Germany".

If you have any further questions, you may also find them in our FAQs.

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