Ben wa balls during sex = more orgasms?

Only one third of women in Germany always or almost always reach orgasm during sex. It's a pity, but even more surprising, that according to a study by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, 7% of women interviewed had an orgasm during a sports workouts.

The probability of experiencing an orgasm can be significantly increased by training the pelvic floor. Ben wa balls can be used to make an orgasm even more effective and at the same time enjoyable. Love balls during sex? It can be done, but it is not meant this way: but it is recommended for good sex to train regularly with kegel balls, in order to then profit from a stronger sensation through the full muscles.

The Joyballs secret were developed for effective training, because training the pelvic floor does not necessarily require going to the gym or attending special courses. Training with the Joyballs secret can easily be done in everyday life, such as housework or watching TV.


Training for the pelvic floor, but how?

Even a daily wear of only 5 minutes can deliver excellent results. A guarantee for an orgasm during the exercises can not be given here, but the chance that after regular training, the orgasms become even more intense, is very high. The ben wa balls are inserted vaginally and removed after training using a short loop. The big advantage of the Joyballs secret is that no disturbing ribbon can be seen and they are very quiet despite their effectiveness. So they are very discreet.

The Joyballs secret single are particularly suitable for beginners as they consist of only one ball and are therefore lighter. If the training is to be increased after a few units, which is advisable for success, women should then use the heavier models.

15013 Joyballs secret single magenta Verpackung

This is how the training works

To start training, the love ball must be inserted into the vagina. This is best done with a little lube such as the AQUAglide. While wearing, the lower abdomen should be deliberately tightened and relaxed, whereby the small balls inside the Joyballs start to vibrate. This trampoline effect provides the muscles with even more stimulation, even pure stimulation benefits the muscle build-up. In addition, the blood circulation in the pelvis is improved by the training and even more sensitive. Thus the love ball causes a higher sensitivity for the woman during sex. As with the training of other body parts, a stronger musculature provides for a tightening. The result is that the vagina can not only tighten, but can also become permanently tighter. Especially after a birth, women want a regressed and narrower vagina. A narrower vagina means more friction during sexual intercourse, which in turn feels even more exciting for both.

Pelvic floor training is important and has a great effect. A high on kegel balls during sex.


Is it possible to leave ben wa balls in during sex?

There are many practices and what is fun for everyone involved is always allowed. The vagina is a very elastic organ and those who love to be "very full" can certainly test it to leave the balls in place during penetration. Just one request to the men: first be very careful.

Many lovers also report that it's great to pull the kegel balls out of the woman shortly before the act of love and perhaps reintroduce them shortly after orgasm. We think there should be no limits to the joy of experimentation.


Kegel balls during anal sex?

ATTENTION: Except for anal use, please keep your fingers off classic kegel balls. Because in the heat of battle these can actually disappear into the depths of the body and that is definitely dangerous.

If you want to enjoy the additional anal stimulation, we recommend specially designed analtoys like the Joyballs anal Wave. At the zenith of an orgasm a anal chain is something fine, but as already mentioned, please use a toy that has a butt stopper.



Ben wa balls during sex in any variation can definitely be an enrichment. We recommend the training for good sex to every woman!