How do I use ben wa balls?

You can wear classic ben wa balls at any time and with absolute discretion, but it is important that you buy silent ones that are invisible to the outside world. We can recommend the Joyballs secret. Read more about the special features here.

This is how training with ben wa balls works! Avoid mistakes and achieve the best training effect!

  1. As you know it from the use of tampons, the ben wa balls are inserted vaginally with relaxed pelvic floor and with thoroughly washed hands.
  2. It is good for an effective pelvic floor training if you do not just sit still when wearing ben wa balls, but move around and try to press the balls firmly with your vaginal muscles. 
  3. The training is very easy, because you just "hold" the ben wa balls with the pelvic floor, gravity wants the balls to fall down and you automatically make sure that they don't fall. If that doesn't work, there is no need to worry. In the article „Help! Help! My ben wa balls are slipping out“ we explain why. There is also no need to worry that the balls will disappear upwards, because the vagina is closed towards the uterus by the cervix.
  4. The balls are removed again via the return loop of the love balls or by pushing them out while the pelvic floor is still relaxed. This is comparable with going to the toilet.
  5. If possible, always use a lube when you insert the ben wa balls - this is especially true for anal use. AQUAglide has proven itself in this case.
  6. After use, always clean the balls with soap and water or better with a special Toy-Cleaner for cleaning sex toys. For instance, clean'n'safe is suitable here.


Pelvic floor training with kegel balls

Practically every woman can train her pelvic floor with kegel balls, unless she has recently had a birth or surgery, in these cases you should check with your doctor in advance. Especially mature women whose "middle" has suffered from births, hormones or diseases can benefit from a workout with kegel balls. But the ben wa balls can also be a valuable companion for women who cannot consciously control their pelvic floor muscles. 


Ben wa balls are different and here you can find out more about them:


Weight of ben wa balls

The weight of ben wa balls ranges from about 25 to 160 g. Here the same principle counts as with weight lifting: the heavier the balls, the more effective the training. One should increase slowly and start with light balls and then increase the weight when training is successful.


Material of the ben wa balls

The material decides how the ben wa balls feel, how they can be cleaned and how good they are for your body. We help you to make the right decision. 

Silicone: is very similar to the skin and adapts quickly to the body temperature. It is easy to clean and easy to insert. Make sure that it is medical silicone.

Plastic / Plastics: very cheap, but unfortunately very often contains harmful softeners.

Metal: very cool and only suitable for advanced users as they are very heavy.

Glass: very noble to look at, but not for beginners, as they have no return loop. We recommend somewhat larger balls made of silicone for beginners, which are not too heavy. If you like the balls and you are successful, you can also get noble and heavy balls made of glass or metal.

Size of the ben wa balls

If possible, pleasure balls should not be felt in a relaxed state after insertion. Only when your muscles contract or move should you feel the balls. A diameter of approx. 4 cm has proved to be a good choice. If you have trained well, the circumference can also be reduced.


Shape of the training equipment

Basically, you can use any form that is comfortable for you. For beginners we recommend a ball that is a little narrower at the front and therefore easier to insert. JOYDIVISION offers a Joyballs secret Set with one ball for beginners and another two balls for more intensive training.


Volume of the love balls

After buying online, you may have a rude awakening. You test your newly purchased love beads and they make a terrible clattering noise. But that doesn't have to be the case! We recommend the Joyballs secret with the unique trampoline effect, which has two advantages. The patented technology and surface structure firstly ensure that the inner metal ball moves silently and secondly that the ball behaves as if on a trampoline. The small inner metal ball bounces back and forth more effectively and thus optimises your training.

Why so many names for the balls?

Ben wa balls are still a taboo subject for many people and there are many different terms used to describe them. Orgasm balls, anal balls, Joyballs, love egg, love beads, pleasure balls, in Japanese Rin-no-tama or Ben-Wa (ringing bells). Sex balls, etc. But no matter what you call them, they are effective and in no case should you be ashamed of using them!


Special tip

Love balls can also help with menstrual cramps. Give it a try!

We wish you good luck with your training.

In our guide text "What are ben wa balls? Sextoy or medical aid - we enlighten" you will find more information.