Joyballs secret Set, magenta-black + purple-black

ben wa balls
Your little secret for more pleasure, more fun and effective training

Art. No. 15018
  • the most discreet love balls in the world
  • stringless and patented: short return loop for carrying in the body
  • regular training can increase the feeling and the ability to achieve orgasm
  • whisper-quiet and 100% invisible
  • Made in Germany
  • awarded ergonomic design
  • highly effective training due to trampoline effect
  • medical grade Silikomed®
  • compatible with all lubricants (including silicone lubricants)
  • FREE from plasticizers (Phthalates & Bisphenol A (BPA))
  • dermatologically tested
  • hypoallergenic (free from allergenic substances)
  • 5 years material warranty

Joyballs kegel balls – for more colourful training!

The stringless and easy-to-clean Joyballs are very simple to insert. With each movement, the little balls excitingly stimulate your innermost parts. This will strengthen the muscles of the vagina in next to no time. This way you will feel more of your partner – and he will certainly feel more of you!

Joyballs secret are available in a variety of great colours. As a complement to the Joyballs, we recommend a water-based lubricant, such as AQUAglide or BIOglide.


32.55 €


Silikomed® (TPE)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Gently insert the Joyballs into the vagina in a relaxed position (like a tampon) First insert the first ball and then the second ball so that the balls are just covered by the vaginal wall and you can still easily reach the return loop. The use of lube (e.g. AQUAglide or BIOglide) - for easy and painless insertion - is recommended. The two balls should sit almost vertically with the return loop downwards.

Joyballs secret are worn completely invisible in the body and have no visible return band, but a patented return loop.

A training session should last a maximum of 10 minutes. Depending on how long the muscles can hold the balls, the training can be less than a minute at the beginning and will then increase as the muscles build up. The training can be done standing or walking. Two training sessions of up to 10 minutes a day are initially sufficient. If you can hold the joyballs for more than 10 minutes without any problems, you should combine the training with gymnastic pelvic floor training.

Once you have learned to use these muscles correctly, train them regularly, ideally once to a maximum of three times a day. Daily exercise is recommended for sustained training progress. It only takes a few minutes and can be done in various positions (e.g. sitting, standing or lying down). Nobody sees what you are doing. At first you may only be able to hold the tension for a second or two. Increase the power to a maximum of ten seconds. Take a break between the strains for at least the same length of time as the straining (e.g. five seconds of tension, five seconds rest). At the beginning, you may feel tired after just a few tenses. Gradually increase your performance to ten repetitions. You can also do some quick and strong contractions. You can also do some quick and strong contractions, pulling the muscles together as hard as you can before you relax again. Repeat this exercise up to ten times.

Important: Not every pelvic floor is equally strong! If you cannot hold the balls, you should not give up, but simply try the training again several times a day. Even if you can only hold the balls for 1 second, you will certainly feel a small increase next time. And the result is getting better every day.

For even more safety and comfort, the easy to clean Joyballs are made of dermatologically and clinically tested and very body-friendly Silikomed®. Free from phatlates, polycarbonates and bisphenol A.

Silikomed® is a new type of plastic with many positive properties. It is easy to process and very kind to the skin. 

It contains no harmful substances such as plasticizers, is waterproof, mechanically resilient and therefore also successfully used in some other medical devices.

The material is also compatible with both water- and silicone-based lube.

You should always pay particular attention to hygiene and safe handling. For example, it is recommended to use lube, which must be compatible with your toy. Cleaning before and after use should also be included. In most cases it is sufficient to clean the toy with mild soap and warm water. However, disinfecting with a Toy Cleaner is also usually advisable. But you should also pay attention to the quality of the toy when buying it, because production seams or inferior material can damage you. Furthermore, you should not share your toys or use them with condoms, as diseases can be transmitted here as well. You should also avoid switching between vaginal and anal use or only use a condom when you change your toy.


The operating principle of the Joyballs is based on biofeedback, i.e. on a reflex reaction of the pelvic floor muscles. Due to their own weight and ergonomically adapted shape, the Joyballs try to slide out again, which the pelvic floor tries to prevent by contracting. The random movement of the ball inside the Joyballs additionally stimulates the muscles. The contractions during a training session correspond to a strength training with weights.

The structure inside the Joyballs secret ben wa balls has been designed to allow the ball inside to move according to a random pattern, allowing the muscles of the pelvic floor to relax and tense up more than in a monotonous movement. This allows for more effective training even with little movement.

Most women feel an improvement in their symptoms after just two to three weeks if they consistently use pelvic floor training balls. Full muscle tone is achieved through training within about six to twelve weeks. However, the training effect also decreases over time when the muscles are no longer used. 

What happens if you cannot hold the balls?
Important: Not every pelvic floor is equally strong! If you cannot hold the balls, you should not give up, but simply try the training again several times a day. Even if you can only hold the balls for 1 second, you will certainly feel a small increase next time. And the result will get better day by day.

The Joyballs should be cleaned thoroughly after and before each use.
Warm water and soap are sufficient for cleaning. We recommend clean'n'safe as a tried and tested disinfectant for use with Joyballs.

  • if your doctor advises against use
  • during menstruation
  • for vaginal inflammation
  • for vaginal infection
  • during vaginal wound healing (e.g. after an episiotomy)
  • during and after pregnancy only after consultation with your gynaecologist or midwife

Yes, because many manufacturers of toys actually recommend the use of lube in their instructions. However, there is only one restriction: never use toys that contain silicone or are made entirely of silicone with lubricants containing silicone. This will destroy the toys, as the silicone lube will dissolve the silicone out of the toys and make them unusable.