Help! Help! My ben wa balls are slipping out!

Anything that doesn't fit will now be made to fit.

The first step has been taken! You want to do something for your pelvic floor! But what to do now? The ben wa balls fall out?

Now don't panic, that's nothing disturbing and normal for many women at first! Here you will learn interesting facts about the handling of kegel balls.

Facts about wearing ben wa balls


Ben Wa Balls too small?

At the moment the ben wa balls seem to be much too small, but if you train your pelvic floor muscles regularly from now on, the pelvic floor training balls will not slip out any more! The better the muscles, the better you will be able to hold even the smallest balls. Try to hold the balls with your muscles - even if only for a short time - and repeat this as often as you can. After some time you will notice that you can hold the kegel balls bit by bit longer and longer.


Ben wa balls too heavy?

Also here there is none too "heavy" if the musculature is correctly developed! Just put these heavy balls in the cupboard, create lighter kegel balls for the transition and start training regularly. Believe us, someday you will be able to hold the "heavy" ones without any problems and the "light" ones will end up in the cupboard forever.


Do the kegel balls fall out when using lube?

NO! Ben wa balls fall out because a weak pelvic floor musculature cannot hold them. Here too, as in the first two cases, you shouldn't be put off. Please continue to use lubricant, which makes handling much more pleasant. We recommend the millionfold popular lube AQUAglide or the 100% natural lube BIOglide for all those who love it natural.

Ben wa balls slip out and don't sit right!

Every woman is anatomically different and it can actually be that your balls are simply not the right ones for you! Especially very small women don't get along with the two-ball specimens. For this reason we recommend the anatomically perfectly formed Joyballs secret single with only one ball.


Ben wa balls not inserted deep enough!

One in advance! You don't have to be afraid, the ball cannot disappear inside your body! It is important to insert the ball deep enough. It's best to lie on the bed with your legs spread wide apart and bend your legs, using a lube as already mentioned. In this position and with the right relaxation it is easy to place the ball deep enough.


Pain after wearing!

Pain afterwards is nothing unusual, in most cases it is a sore muscle. If the pain still occurs after wearing it several times, you should consult your gynaecologist.


Ben wa balls worn too long!

Initially, a training session should last about 10 minutes or depending on how long the muscles can carry the balls. Should you be able to hold the kegel balls for more than 10 minutes without any problems and without them slipping out, you can combine the training with gymnastic pelvic floor training or just wear them in everyday life. In principle, you can't wear the ball "too long" if you don't experience any discomfort.



Stay literally "on the ball" and don't give up! After a short time the – kegel balls slip out of play – belongs to the past and your fit trained pelvic floor muscles will give you many physical and also love technical advantages.