Sex during your period - Yes or No?

Sex during your period? You bet! Reasons for having sex during your period and why you don't have to give it up. En-JOY! Do whatever you feel like! We would like to take away any reservations you may have in this article.


Sex during menstruation - is that possible?

Sure, why shouldn't it be possible? Unfortunately, many women hold back during their period. Which is a shame, because it's precisely during this phase that libido can increase.


Why is the period so culturally/historically stigmatised? Where does the taboo come from?

Unbelievable! The Catholic Church, Judaism and also Hinduism find: "bleeding" women are impure, are not allowed to participate in religious ceremonies, let alone have sex. But menstruating women are not only undesirable in the church. In the vernacular, people long believed that women were responsible for spoiled food, sour wine and the death of bees through the "evil eye". Fortunately, however, this misconception lasted only until the 1970s. From then on, women were even allowed to donate blood again during their menstruation. But even today, hardly any women talk openly about their periods. Or have you ever said to colleagues that you're going to change your tampon?


What are the reasons for having sex during your period?

If you are tormented by menstrual symptoms, sex can be the solution. Sex is relaxing and can even help with headaches and cramps. Orgasms release happy hormones that can relieve symptoms, at least in the short term.


Why do many women have an increased libido during their period?

It is not at all uncommon for women not to be able to get enough sex when they have their period. What is the reason? During menstruation, the blood supply to the intimate area increases. This makes you more sensitive, which can make you want to have sex more. Because you are more sensitive and more quickly aroused by touch, you also reach climax more easily. In addition, the hormones oestrogen and testosterone increase your libido.


Why can I get pregnant despite my period?

Oh, don't be so sure of yourself and give it a try. A new egg can mature while you are still bleeding, and since sperm can survive in the vagina for a few days, it is possible that the timing is right and you can get pregnant.

Conclusion: Sex during your period is definitely not a safe method of contraception.


What about hygiene when having sex during your period?

There are great ways that hygiene doesn't have to suffer when you're bleeding.

1. you can protect the surface and bedding by using a wipeable surface. We recommend the JOYDIVISION Feuchtspielwiese. The special soft and silky shiny material of the love sheet protects your bed linen during sex during menstruation. Enjoy the pleasant and safe feeling.

2. there are special threadless super soft tampons that absorb the blood when worn during intimate intercourse. These so-called Soft-Tampons have been making women's lives easier for over 20 years. But Soft-Tampons are not only suitable for sex during your period, they are also ideal for sports, sauna or swimming.

3. If your lover is disgusted by the blood on his or her best piece, then condoms will definitely help. They also protect against infections.

Because beware: the risk of infection is higher during your period. During your period, your uterine opening is wider than usual. That's why you are more susceptible to STIs.