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no rubbing of a disturbing string


FREE of glyphosate

ideal for sexual intercourse, sport, spa

easy insertion

stringless freedom

simple removal

Don't let yourselves be deprived of your freedom during your period! With JOYDIVISION's Soft-Tampons you can do everything you want to do: sports, swimming, sauna – and even sexual intercourse. Unlike a conventional tampon, the soft version of JOYDIVISION doesn't have an annoying string and opens up new possibilities for you during your period.

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Soft-Tampons fadenloses Freiheitsgefühl

Enjoy stringless freedom with Soft-Tampons, as millions of women have been doing for over 20 years. A pleasant wearing comfort and most of all discretion are guaranteed. Soft, flexible material, a low own weight and the integrated removal loop – these are the advantages of this lifestyle product compared to the conventional tampon with string. No string that rubs – and Soft-Tampons can be easily inserted and removed. Soft-Tampons make "uncomfortable days" as comfortable as possible! The wonderfully soft monthly hygiene that you won't notice at all.


 Discover your stringless freedom with our Soft-Tampons product videos

A heart for the period

What are Soft-Tampons? In principle, they are a small pink menstrual sponges made of ultra-soft foam, usually shaped like a heart. The organic shape fits gently into the sensitive female anatomy and makes the Soft-Tampon application comfortable and intuitive.The indicated heart shape slims the period sponge at the tip for easy insertion. The two wings pulled down form a trough on the underside. There you put your finger on when you push the tampon to its place.

Removing tampons without a string is also very easy:There is an integrated grip tab, which you can grip with just one finger, in order to remove the Soft-Tampon. If you prefer, you can also pull out the menstrual sponge with your index finger and thumb by pulling down one of the two wings.

Freedom even in your period

Our JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons recommendations

Soft-Tampons: Swim. Sport. Spa. Love

Pleasantly soft and good for your health: the Soft-Tampons

The Original JOYDIVISION Soft-Tampons are – as their name suggests – wonderfully soft and, on top of that, especially kind to the skin. Dermatological studies prove the excellent tolerability. The foam tampons are made of environmentally friendly material that deliberately avoids chemical additives that do not belong in intimate hygiene. Internal irritations are practically non-existent with Soft-Tampons. That is also confirmed by the Oeko-Tex standard, which they have. Your health will be more than happy!

Advantages that also impress the users themselves. The satisfaction of Soft-Tampons buyers is 97.3%*.

How to use the Soft-Tampons

Their application is as soft as the tampons themselves. Here we have put together a Soft-Tampons manual for you.

Instructions: Inserting the Soft-Tampons

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove product from packaging.
  3. Moisten: If you moisten the tampon with a small amount of lubricant or clean water, it will be even easier to insert. However, before inserting the tampon, squeeze out the water to maintain its absorbency.
  4. Take the optimum position for insertion: for example, sitting in a squatting position or on the toilet.
  5. Grab the side of the tampon with two fingers and press it together.
  6. Place your fingers in the trough on the underside and insert it like a conventional tampon. The menstrual sponge sits perfectly when it clings to the cervix.

Instructions: Removing the Soft Tampons

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Take optimal position for removal: preferably squat with broad legs.
  3. Press a little so that the tampon is pressed out. This works best when it is full.
  4. Grasp the grip tab with one finger and pull out the tampon.

Soft-Tampon doesn't come out?

Soft tampon does not go out: what to do?

Sometimes it's like curse: The Soft-Tampon simply won't come out because it's tilted or slipped up during sex. But don't panic. In this case, relaxation is the best way to get the soft piece out again. We have two tips for you in this case:

  1. Squat down and push hard, just like when you're defecating! This should allow the sponge in the vagina to gradually slide down so that you can grab it again with your fingers and pull it out.
  2. Just leave the tampon a little longer in the vagina (but please only for a maximum of 8 hours) so that it can really soak up. After all, the easiest way to remove the tampon is to let it soak up all over. A relaxing bath also can work miracles and usually leads to the expected success.

If really nothing helps and the tampon without string absolutely no longer comes out, contact a gynaecologist. He/she will remove the period sponge in no time at all.

Freedom has no strings!


The Soft-Tampons consist of a medical sponge material (polyurethane) without chemical substances in order to exclude internal irritations.

Soft-Tampons consist of a PU foam with OEKO-TEX certification. If a textile article has been awarded the STANDARD 100 label, you can be sure that all components of this article, i.e. also all strings, buttons and other accessories, have been tested for harmful substances and that the article is therefore human-ecologically safe.
Furthermore, they are OEKO-TEX certified.

The PUR foam of the Soft-Tampons consists of polyaddition products of isocyanates and polyether polyols. It does not contain latex or rubber and can be used safely by latex allergy sufferers.

Buying Soft-Tampons is very easy. The soft monthly hygiene is available in in pharmacies and (online) erotic shops.

No, no more or less than when using a conventional tampon, if you wash your hands before and after. In contrast to conventional tampons, soft tampons are even hygienically packaged.

Consult your gynaecologist before use if you are using a spiral with a slightly protruding return cord for contraception. As a rule, there is no risk of the spiral being accidentally pulled out with the tampon. However, experience has shown that minimal bleeding (commonly known as spotting) can cause the end of the thread to stick to the top of the tampon. Then the spiral can be accidentally pulled out when changing the tampon.

We also offer the soft tampons in the "Mini" version. However, the material of the tampons is so variable that it always adapts to the female body shape. Conventional cotton tampons swell up and soft tampons already have their final size. The foam of the soft tampons can be easily compressed during insertion.

As with other hygiene articles for the period, the tampons should simply be disposed of with the household waste. The cardboard box can be recycled.

Please use each tampon only once, as this will no longer guarantee hygienic safety and high absorbency and can lead to infections. We therefore strongly advise against washing out the soft tampon and wearing it again.

No, Soft-Tampons are by no means a contraceptive as they do not kill sperm! After removal, the sperm can still migrate towards the uterus.

The tampon can be easily removed by pulling it out with your index finger or middle finger by the integrated grip straps. If it is still difficult to remove the vagina, we recommend that you squat down or sit on the toilet with your legs spread, as this will reduce the depth of the vagina from 9 to 10 cm to about 4 to 5 cm.

It is generally recommended to use the soft tampons on days with heavy bleeding, as a full tampon will then become very soft and can be easily pulled out. If the grip tab is not felt, simply form the index and middle fingers into "tweezers".

No, with a tampon, various parameters such as mucous membrane compatibility, absorbency, shape, etc. must be taken into account. Therefore, hygienic and safe self-made production is not possible.

Soft-Tampons cannot be lost in the body or get into the uterus. The opening of the uterus is far too small for a tampon to pass through.
The best way to remove the tampon is to squat down and press on the lower abdomen. Pull the integrated grip tab out with your index finger or middle finger. It is generally recommended to use the Soft-Tampons only on days with heavy bleeding, because if a tampon is soaked with blood, it becomes very soft and can be easily pulled out.
If, in rare cases, the tampon cannot be reached, please consult your gynaecologist.

If you use it, you should be able to handle your body a little and be familiar with its anatomy. Then nothing stands in the way of its use.

We recommend to change Soft-Tampons directly after intercourse to prevent infections.

The Soft-Tampon is then correctly positioned when you can no longer feel it. It should be positioned approximately in front of the cervix.

As with other hygiene articles for the period, the tampons should simply be disposed of with the household waste.

  • Soft-Tampons do not have a return strap and are therefore the ideal and discreet alternative for activities such as sauna, sports, swimming or the act of love.
  • Soft-Tampons consist of soft, hygienic and dermatologically well-tolerated foam that adapts to the female anatomy.
  • Soft-Tampons can be worn during sexual intercourse and are hardly noticeable for the partner.

Soft-Tampons are individually hygienically packaged and extremely hygienic to use when used as directed.

Midwives recommend its use even during pregnancy, as the Soft-Tampons can prevent the penetration of bacteria.

Discoloration of the foam may occur before the shelf life has expired, but is completely harmless. The tampons can still be used. If the Soft-Tampons have been exposed to UV radiation in the form of daylight or artificial light and atmospheric oxygen, under unfavourable circumstances the dye may degrade and discolour. This is a normal process and does not affect the properties or purity of the foam. Soft-Tampons are manufactured and packaged under hygienic conditions. The material meets the strict criteria of the Oekotex standard and is very kind to the skin (Study Dermatest GmbH 2012). Due to the sensitive area of application, we deliberately do not use colour-stabilizing additives.

It is important that the tampon is inserted deep enough - directly in front of the cervix. In addition, in women who tend to lack lubrication, the vaginal entrance could be very dry immediately after inserting the tampon. In this case, a lube such as AQUAglide or BIOglide should also be used.

The wearing period must be adapted to the strength of the period. On stronger days a change after 3 to 5 hours is recommended, on weaker days the Soft-Tampon can be worn for approx. 5 to 8 hours. After sexual intercourse without a condom, the tampon should be replaced immediately.

The packaging consists of cardboard, plastic and aluminium foil, which are 100% recyclable. The soft tampon consists of a special environmentally friendly foam which is completely thermally recyclable. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing against soft tampons from an environmental point of view.

No more or less than with conventional tampons, if the following rules are observed: Soft-Tampons should be changed as often as possible (max. wearing time 8 hours). When inserting the Soft-Tampon, make sure your hands are clean. Especially at night tampons should not be used.

As with normal tampons, the sensitive hymen may be damaged during insertion. We therefore recommend that young women who have not yet had sexual intercourse wear bandages.

Yes! The surface of the Soft-Tampons is soft and cannot damage the condom.

Here, too, it is the same as with conventional tampons. You should use a fresh tampon before swimming and refrain from swimming if there is heavy bleeding.
Wearing the Soft-Tampons even makes a lot of sense when swimming, as this can reduce the penetration of chlorinated or possibly contaminated water into the vagina.

It is important that the Soft-Tampon is inserted deep enough - directly in front of the cervix. In addition, in women who tend to lack lubrication, the entrance to the vagina could also be dry immediately after insertion of the tampon. In this case we recommend the use of a lube, e.g. AQUAglide. This will ensure that your partner will not feel the Soft-Tampon. However, depending on the length of the genitals, it can rarely be completely ruled out.

No! In contrast to the conventional tampon, the Soft-Tampons are inserted up to the cervix. The production of the female secretion is located further forward. The so-called Bartholin glands form the secretion which moistens the female genitals during sexual arousal. These glands are located in the back third of the labia minora.

It is not necessary to remove the tampon every time you go to the toilet. The vagina and urethra are separate organs, each with its own opening. How to change depends only on the strength of the bleeding. Important: Do not exceed the maximum wearing time of 8 hours.

Since the Soft-Tampon is already compressed in the body, this danger does not exist.

Soft-Tampons are adapted to the average anatomy of the woman. However, the intimate area of each woman is individually shaped.

For this reason, Soft-Tampons are not suitable for all women equally. One, and/or 'woman' often finds out this only with the application.

Since a Soft-Tampon can do without strings, it can slip behind the cervix in unfavourable cases and is then more difficult to access.

In rare cases, women cannot remove a tampon themselves and then a visit to a gynaecologist is unavoidable.
According to gynaecologists, this also happens with cellulose tampons, e.g. if the string breaks.
This circumstance is pointed out in the instructions for use.

Wash your hands before inserting the Soft-Tampons.
For easier insertion, we recommend that you apply some lube, e.g. AQUAglide, to the tampon or moisten it with clean water - then squeeze well to obtain maximum fluid absorption. The easiest way to insert the tampon into the toilet is to put one leg up (e.g. on a chair). Place your index finger on the tampon's trough, grasp the tampon with your thumb and middle finger on the sides and squeeze it together to form the grip tab. Open the labia with the other hand and push the tampon into the vagina with your index and/or middle finger until the side of the tampon touches the cervix.

You should wait at least 6 weeks before using any type of tampon.
The weekly flow is bacterial, so it should not be hindered from draining. The bacteria would multiply very quickly.

The Soft-Tampons are characterized by their low own weight of only 2 grams. Despite their low weight, the liquid absorption capacity of the Soft-Tampons is above average – comparable to the absorption capacity of a conventional cotton tampon.

Stringless Products!

For sports, sauna & sex – stringless freedom

Our JOYDIVISION tampon offers you protection everywhere and is also known as

Sports-Tampon: Soft-Tampons from JOYDIVISION


Sports during menstruation is no problem with Soft-Tampons. You can't see anything from the outside, you can't feel anything. And the best thing is: There is no string that obstructs you in your sporting activities and possibly irritates your skin.     

Sauna-Tampon: Soft-Tampons from JOYDIVISION

Sauna & Spa Tampon

The fact that it doesn't have a string turns the JOYDIVISION product into the ideal spa and sauna tampon. There is nothing you can see, because the JOYDIVISION tampon gives you the highest discretion. So you can give your full attention to your well-being without having to fear any embarrassments.

Swimming Tampon: Soft-Tampons from JOYDIVISION

Swimming Tampon

In opposition to conventional tampons the soft version doesn't swell up. For this reason, swimming with Soft-Tampons is no problem at all. Thanks to the stringless freedom nobody notices that you are wearing a monthly hygiene. The perfect tampons for swimming!

Sex Tampon: Soft-Tampons from JOYDIVISION

Sex Tampon

With the JOYDIVISION sex tampon you don't have to be reserved during the period, even during love play. The stringless freedom and ultra-soft materials won't let your partner feel a thing, so he can concentrate on you. At the same time, the sex tampon prevents menstrual blood from running out.