Tampons Sauna Faupax?

First of all: the cosy warmth can have a very positive effect on menstrual complaints. It is for good reason that many women use a warm pillow for menstrual cramps.

Many women report that saunas have significantly calmed their menstrual cramps. It is important to take care of yourself and your well-being, especially during the unpleasant phase of your menstrual cycle. If you feel like taking a sauna, then go to the sauna! Sauna sessions support blood circulation and can help you overcome the weak phase of your period by increasing your blood pressure.

And to avoid unpleasant surprises, here are some helpful tips for a carefree wellness day.


Help, you can see the blue string!!!

Not if you choose the right tampon. Because exactly for one of these reasons the stringless Soft-Tampons were developed. The heart-shaped tampons, comparable to a menstrual sponge, are worn invisibly inside the body and there is no danger that a string might stick out. Soft-Tampons give you the wearing comfort where usual visible hygiene articles disturb.

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Tampons Sauna and Hygiene

Before you go to the sauna it is important to use a fresh tampon and to be on the safe side you should change it more often than usual. The high humidity and an increased bleeding due to the heat can already ensure that the Soft-Tampon is absorbed faster than usual. If you check at the toilet regularly, there will be no nasty surprise.

Tip: And take dark towels with you.


What else is important?

Take it slow. During your period 70 degrees (e.g. steam sauna) and afterwards a lukewarm shower instead of ice water is enough. Very often your body is a bit weaker due to your menstruation and you should expect it to do the program for wimps, especially those of you who have low blood pressure. Even mild temperatures have a relaxing effect, so you will feel less abdominal pain.

Do not let yourself be restricted

Tampons, sauna and wellness are therefore a good match and, if you pay a little attention to them, they will become a very relaxing pleasure. Soft-Tampons are available, for example, in drugstores, pharmacies and of course online. It is worth testing the Wellness Tampon.