Swimming with a tampon – what to consider?

It's time again. You have your rule and would like to pursue your leisure activities without restrictions. Back in school you might have liked to be freed from swimming lessons, but now to be honest, as an adult woman you really don't want to miss out on the fun of the sea, lake or outdoor pool just because you are menstruating.

So that you can indulge in the wet element without hesitation, here are a few infos about the topic.


Can it happen that you draw a blood trail behind you?

Normally the water pressure stops the period flow immediately when you jump into the floods. So that nothing goes wrong even when laughing or coughing in the water, there are internally wearable hygiene articles. Bandages are of course not advisable, as they immediately suck themselves full of water.

And even if a little drop in the water goes wrong, you don't see it. The movement in the water will immediately ensure that mini amounts of blood are diluted and not visible.


Do I attract sharks in the sea?

There are no known cases where sharks have been attracted by menstruating women. The possible amount of blood is far too small. Contrary to the assumption that sharks can smell blood for miles, they can only smell blood for about 400 meters. And menstrual blood is not the same as blood! If you didn't know it, menstrual blood is: "cervical mucus, vaginal secretion, mucus and cells and endometrium particles and blood (partly coagulated)". Does not sound particularly tasty, but should be mentioned at this point. Let's assume that sharks are gourmets of this mixture, then they must be within a radius of at least 400 meters.

If you should be interested in the topic beyond that, you will find here a detailed information about the sense of smell of sharks.

Don't worry, you won't play the movie "The Great White Shark". If you feel like going to the sea, don't let any rumors spoil it for you.


Swimming with tampon, isn't that totally unhygienic?

If you use a fresh tampon or menstrual sponge when swimming, it is very unlikely that your body fluids will get into the water and if a millilitre goes wrong, no one will be hygienically affected in swimming pools with chlorine or in the huge salty sea.

Doesn't the tampon ribbon suck in water with bacteria?

You can easily avoid this worry by using threadless Soft-Tampons when swimming. This ingenious tampon is completely inserted into the vagina and then closed by the labia, so that no unclean water can enter.

Another advantage: There is no ribbon that can possibly look out of your bathing suit.


Can swimming make my menstrual cramps worse?

On the contrary, because moderate sport helps to relieve cramps and the endorphins released by sport and bliss weaken the pain in a natural way.

Plunge into the floods, enjoy the things you enjoy and don't let yourself be restricted once a month! And swimming with Soft-Tampon makes it even easier.