Ever thought about an erotic gift?

Every year, a birthday, anniversary or Christmas is approaching and you are faced with the great conundrum: What do I give my partner? With a box of chocolates or the umpteenth bouquet of flowers, you usually only get a stodgy thank you, but if something gives you goosebumps just saying it, then it could be a real surprise.

We will inspire you and you will see that the gift for a woman does not always have to be a vibrator. Experiential moments paired with, for example, a lubricant gel, can lead to unexpected leaps of joy.


Gifts for women:

Gift idea 1:A vulva massage with stimulating lubricant such as AQUAglide stimulation gel: the stimulating gel intensifies the sensation of pleasure and can provide a special orgasm. Here we show you how it works! Your sweetheart will thank you for paying even more attention to her intimate zone.

Gift idea 2: Full body massage with BIOglide lubricant & massage oil: the world's first natural combination of lubricant and massage oil provides moisturising care and gently supports sexuality. A massage that starts at the back and doesn't have to end in the intimate zone has already thrilled every woman.

Gift idea 3: Wellness in the bathtub with the AQUAstick: the AQUAstick is designed for perfect intimate hygiene, but a selective massage thanks to the pleasant water jet can also lead to special tingling sensations. Imagine a warm wet situation in the bathroom, tickling the woman in all the right places with a fine warm water jet.


Gifts for men:

Gift idea 1: Moist intimate massage on the Feuchtspielwiese: let yourself go completely and play with all the liquids, on the wet playground you can really let it rip. Loll around with your bodies completely oiled and feel what it does to you when you don't have to watch out!?

Gift idea 2: Blowjob withFrenchkiss
There are gift ideas that could leave your loved one speechless and we think a blowjob is one of them! What if the gift voucher said "Blowjob"? With the tasty lubricants from JOYDIVISION, such as Frenchkiss, the gift will be an explosion of the senses for both of you.

Gift idea 3: Prostate massage with easyANAL and the XPANDER. What sounds strange at first has already blown many a man's mind. This gift idea is something for men who like to experiment and are open to new things. Indulge yourself with a sufficient butt massage and slowly work your way up to the butt hole. With a dab of easyANAL you can try to penetrate gently with your fingertip, but watch your partner very closely. And once you've made friends with this type of play, add the XPANDER and see what experiences it gives you.


What do you think about the ideas? We look forward to your feedback. Maybe you'd like some more inspiration, then let us know and we'll see what else is in the erotic gift box.