This could be the perfect intimate massage ...

Many myths revolve around the perfect stimulation of women! Of course we cannot prescribe a general recipe here, but we can summarise from the experience reports of many women. And with a lot of luck, you too will meet the right taste of your sweetheart. If not, talking helps! Just ask her what she liked and what not so much!


Cover the vagina with your whole hand

The outer labia are not as sensitive as the rest of the female sexual organ, but they are still very excitable and therefore perfect for heating up your sweetheart. During foreplay, place your hand protectively on the labia majora and press it gently. This stimulates the blood flow and gently accelerates her arousal. Many women find this technique very sensitive.


Climb the mons veneris

First of all, a little anatomy lesson: Above the vagina lies the mound of Venus. When you play with the mound of Venus, you indirectly stimulate the clitoris. To wake up the region, use the ball of your hand and stroke the mound towards the clitoris.


Massage the vagina

Before you separate the outer labia, you should pay a little more attention to them. Take the large lips between your thumb and forefinger, for example, and massage them gently up and down.


Circle the hotspot

Resist the temptation to touch her clitoris immediately. Heat up your partner so that she can hardly wait for this touch. Put a drop of lube (e.g. AQUAglide) on your fingertip and circle around the clitoris with constant light pressure. This is also the method women use to pamper themselves during masturbation.


Open her "desire pearl"

There is a tiny fold of skin that covers the clitoris and only opens when the woman is aroused. This fold is an extension of the inner labia and can be very sensitive to touch. It is the foreskin of the clitoris glans. If your partner is not yet so aroused that the skin has retracted by itself, it is worth playing with it. First moisten your fingertips with lubricant (why, you can read in our advice article "The clitoris loves lube") and trace the inner labia until you reach the small crease. When your loved one is ready for the clitoris to make contact, you can gently pull the crease towards her navel.



Stimulate the entrance of her vagina

Perhaps you have already noticed that fast gliding in and out does not help the ladies to the highest feelings? But if you change the technique a little, that can change. Most of the nerve endings are in the front third of the vagina, where they are particularly sensitive. Insert two or three fingers and stay there longer than usual. Tiny movements are enough to get her particularly aroused in the vaginal entrance.


Find the G-spot

To find the mysterious G-spot, many use the following technique: they insert a finger into the vagina and bend it towards the abdominal wall. There you should feel a rough spot. But what if this technique does not work? Do not give up so easily! The G-spot is not always in the middle of the upper vaginal wall. It can also be located further to the right or left. For a higher hit rate, insert two fingers and massage the region extensively. This is only possible if your partner is already aroused. Because then the small rough surface will swell slightly. If your partner is not aroused, the search will usually be unsuccessful.


Pamper her cervix

If your partner likes deep penetration, she will most likely like cervical stimulation, which is also called the cervix. When she is sexually aroused, the cervix retracts slightly. But not to the extent that you could not reach it with your finger. To feel the cervix, insert a finger into the vagina until you feel resistance. Once there, you can massage gently.


Change the position

Even the smallest changes can have a big impact. Stimulate your loved one with the technique you usually succeed with - but this time change the position of her body. This means that if your partner usually lies on her back while you caress her, this time she will squat, kneel on all fours or lean against a wall.


We hope that you learned something new here and look forward to your feedback. It would of course be a dream if you could manage to lead your partner to a new level of orgasm.


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