The clitoris loves lube

The clitoris is one of the most erogenous zones of the body with its approximately 8,000 nerve endings that meet there. For comparison: In the glans about 4,000 nerve endings meet. The clitoris is the only organ of the female body that is only intended to bring pleasure to the woman. Hidden under a small skin and between the labia, however, not all of her is visible. The visible part of the clitoris, the glans, makes up only about 10% of the whole miracle, it is like the tip of the iceberg; it continues inside the female body. Her corpora cavernosa protrudes up to 10 cm into the vagina. These enclose the urethra tightly and lie behind the labia. Some scientists are of the opinion that the G-spot lies between these cavernous bodies of the clitoris and some women who suspect to have had a vaginal orgasm would have actually experienced a clitoral orgasm.


How the clitoris reacts to lube

When the clitoris is aroused and its erectile tissue experiences an increased blood flow, it swells and stiffens like the penis. The stimulation then increases the excitation level, which discharges into an orgasm. The vagina and especially the erectile tissue swell again.


That's why you need clitoris lube

The clitoris can be gently stimulated with the finger or a vibrator with the help of lubricant such as 100% natural bio lube BIOglide. The cunnilingus is also a very good way to get the clitoris, and thus the woman, moving. If the clitoris is stimulated, the excitation level increases and the woman becomes moist. Only a good preparation, a sensual foreplay with enough time to get warm and aroused, makes an intensive orgasm possible. In order to explain or show your partner how you like it best, every woman should know her body and her erogenous zones. For this it is very helpful if she also knows which touches in the genital area are particularly exciting for her.