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Lube with that certain extra

In search of new kicks in lovemaking, sooner or later you will encounter lube with taste! We can also warmly recommend them to you. Because with these seductively tasting and smelling all-rounders you can do a lot of things.

You can find a small general introduction to the topic of lubricants here: Which lube? The ultimate guide! But in this guide we would like to discuss the advantages of lube with taste (such as food grade AQUAglide strawberry lube).

Our sense of taste is one of the most important sensory organs. Taste provides us with pleasure and this is not to be sneezed at when making love. Your taste receptor cells for taste are 75 percent located on the tongue. And so it is obvious that you can do a lot of things with your tongue.


Tip 1 for the woman: The cherry glans

Massage your loved one's glans with a good portion of cherry-flavoured BIOglide lube between your index finger and thumb. The scent will make you want more and there is nothing to stop you testing the lubricant with your tongue. Your taste senses will be stimulated and your partner will certainly enjoy it if you put your tongue in the right place.

You will notice how delicious foreplay can be.


Tip 2 for men: The raspberry clitoris

The clitoris might even remotely resemble a raspberry, and if it tastes and smells like a raspberry, it is definitely sensual. In order to slowly build up the level of lust, you should massage the AQUAglide raspberry lube first at the mons veneris, then from the outer labia to the inner labia, and when the water in your mouth is slowly running down, you can carefully taste the ball of lust with your tongue. The clitoris loves lube gel and why this is so is explained to you in the advice article.


Tip 3 for both: The rear Exotic Zone

For many people, the erotic zone ends at the bottom, but here you can experience undreamt-of stimulation. Both sexes have particularly many nerve endings here, which unfortunately often go unnoticed. What would happen if this zone suddenly became exotic and you just put your disgusting thoughts aside? Massage in with the water-based lube AQUAglide exotic can take away your shyness, because as soon as you feel the pleasant smell and excitement of your partner, you suddenly forget where you are.


We hope you could take some inspiration with you and you are already looking for your favourite flavour! We also have good news for all vegans and vegetarians, because all JOYDIVISION lubricants are free from animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.