Corona and sex! What is to be considered?

The current situation of the corona epidemic causes uncertainty in all areas. People are at home and hopefully devote themselves to the beautiful things, but many questions also arise. We try to clear up on the basis of the current knowledge and recommend the disinfectant cleaner clean'n'safe, because this spray can not only be used for cleaning sex toys, but also helps reliably against corona viruses.


Can Corona be transmitted during sex?

It will be difficult to keep the distance rule of two meters during sex! Sex with strangers is therefore taboo, no matter how boring and tempting a sex date sounds. The corona virus is most likely not transmitted through the genital area, as is the case with HIV, but a droplet infection through the respiratory tract cannot be prevented. Even condoms do not protect!


How does the corona virus behave on surfaces?

A study by researchers from the University of Princeton and the University of California in Los Angeles, among others, reported that the corona virus can be found on surfaces even after hours. Viable viruses can be detected on copper for up to four hours, on cardboard for up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel for up to three days. However, transmissions via surfaces that have been contaminated with viruses shortly before are in principle "conceivable through smear infections". The viruses could survive for two to three days on dry stainless steel or plastic surfaces and remain infectious.


Hygiene has become much more important in times of corona, even for sex toys.

In general, as with washing hands, toys should always be cleaned with soap for at least 30 seconds after use. In the current situation we have learned that intensive washing with soap helps against viruses.


Is there an increased risk of infection through the use of erotic articles?

There is no danger as long as you clean properly and additionally treat with a disinfectant cleaner like clean'n'safe.

The toy cleaner Original clean'n'safe offers effective protection against corona viruses. clean'n'safe is the only product on the erotic market that works against corona.

We all should see this crisis as a chance, because love and interpersonal relationships are what really counts, especially these days. Especially when we have to avoid many people, our partner comes into focus. What could be more obvious than to devote oneself to sexuality again.


The good news!

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) writes in its list of questions that there are currently no proven cases in which people have been infected with the novel corona virus or other corona viruses through contact with contaminated objects.

Please be responsible and also avoid all non-sexual contact!